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Henry Kissinger Is Right There: Walter Kissinger Edition

His own brother!

Henry Kissinger
National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

Welcome to “Henry Kissinger Is Right There,” an occasional series in which we point out, for no reason at all, that Henry Kissinger is right there.


Henry Kissinger Is Right There: Jessica Walter Edition

Today, the New York Times reported that Walter Kissinger—Henry Kissinger’s 96-year-old brother!!!—has died. The two brothers apparently liked and admired each other, and Walter Kissinger did straightforward enough business things, according to the Times obituary:

When Walter left the Allen Group in 1988, he devoted himself to philanthropy and to helping revitalize the local economy. He founded a consortium called the Long Island Research Institute that fostered collaboration between Brookhaven National Laboratory, Stony Brook University and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory with the goal of speeding up the transfer of their research to commercial applications.


“He liked to fly glider planes and ride motorcycles,” Henry Kissinger noted, “neither of which were preferred activities of mine.”

Another overt difference was that Walter shed his Bavarian accent, while Henry notably retained his. When asked why this was the case, Walter would tell interviewers, “Because I am the Kissinger who listens.”


Just to mention a separate random fact, 98-year-old war criminal Henry Kissinger has outlived his younger, definitely-shitty-but-normie-in-comparison brother. He is also RIGHT THERE. HE IS RIGHT THERE COME ON NOW.

This has been “Henry Kissinger Is Right There.”