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Henry Kissinger Is Right There: Jessica Walter Edition

Just saying!

Jessica Walter and Henry Kissinger

Welcome to “Henry Kissinger Is Right There,” an occasional series in which we point out, for no reason at all, that Henry Kissinger is right there.

Today, comedic legend Jessica Walter died at 80. Walter was beloved for her roles in Arrested Development, Archer, and beyond, for being an extremely funny and nice-seeming person, and for continuing to be all of those things even while being treated heinously by some of her co-workers. Here’s some very good moments from Arrested Development. How can you not laugh???

Ugh. Walter was 80. RIP.

On an entirely unrelated note: 97-year-old war criminal Henry Kissinger is, like, RIGHT THERE.

This has been “Henry Kissinger Is Right There.”

Images: Fox/NCUSCR