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The ‘Great British Bake Off’ Finale Was an Extremely 2020 Kind of Ride

The final was the slightly-crazed, skin-of-its-teeth affair that this year deserved.

Great British Bake Off Final

Mercy is Only For the Turkeys

There is no pomp and splendor in death, but there is power.

Donald Trump pardons a turkey.

Shocker: TV’s Quest to Purge Blackface Was Less Than Genuine

Was this ever really about being thoughtful, or just about not looking racist in public?

Dwight Schrute from "The Office" episode "Dwight Christmas" dressed up as Belsnickel

Welcome Back, America!

Oh, and The Boys? They're Back in Town.

Joe Biden puts on sunglasses

It’s Going to be a Very Long Four Years

Scrutinizing people in power is NOT cool anymore OK????

Introducing the Discourse Blog Stay Home Giving Drive

We're offering up to 25 percent off a Discourse Blog subscription—and the chance to give to a vital cause.

The Myth of Donald Trump’s Push for Peace

Trump’s supposed pacifism does almost nothing to reduce the American empire’s ability to kill.

American soldiers training Ukrainian troops in 2015.

Don’t Give Rahm Emanuel a Job Ever Again

The former Chicago mayor is reportedly angling for a Biden Cabinet slot. Absolutely not!

Rahm Emanuel

Joe Biden’s Student Loan Plan Is a Very Bad Sign

Just how many means can we possibly test to help the fewest amount of people?

Bumper sticker that says University of Student Loans


No Seriously, Fuck You, Andrew Cuomo

We know how this went the first time. We can't let it happen again.

Sure Feels Like Someone in Congress Is Going to Die From COVID

How could these people — with the power do actually do something — be so reckless?

Senators including Patrick Leahy, Chuck Schumer, Pat Roberts, Mitch McConnell, Lisa Murkowski, Don Young, and Chuck Grassley

‘Personal Responsibility’ Won’t Save Us From a Pandemic

We're in this crisis because governments have abandoned us—not because of individual failure.


I Can’t Wait to Have Pandemic Fun at America’s Biggest Indoor Waterpark

Just what we needed during a third COVID wave amid a pandemic in a state with a double-digit positivity rate.

A digital rendering of the outside of the Kalahari Round Rock location, with a yellow sign and stripe-pattern painted buildings and statues of elephants

Madison Cawthorn Is a Raging Anti-Semite and Also Very Stupid

The GOP wunderkind is a religious predator who preys on members of other faiths, but he's fun, too!

What If Politicians Actually Tried Solving Problems

If we only wait until something is politically popular, we'll all be dead.