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The COVID Housing Crisis Is Crushing the Service Industry

'There's such a lack of housing, any time I run an ad there's no response.'


Fighting Off Climate Doomerism With Kate Aronoff

Today in our What Now newsletter.

Climate Change

The Worst Politicians In Ohio

The Buckeye State's greatest monsters.

Worst Politicians In America

Nothing Is Stupider Than This

Biden and Putin are meeting, so you know what that means: BODY LANGUAGE ANALYSIS.

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin sit during their summit meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

Congrats to Marjorie Taylor Greene for Somehow Fucking Up a Holocaust Apology

So close.

Fever Swamp

BuzzFeed’s ‘Community’ Scam Is a Nightmare Come True

For every prize-winning post, countless other writers will work for free and never get a cent.

Death of Media
Several rows of pink and orange melting upward trend illustrations

The Insanity of the Twist In This Pride Video Cannot Be Overstated

Prepare yourself.

Bad Online
A still image from the Old Gays TikTok video

What Part of This Do Democrats Not Understand

Republicans are sending very obvious signals that they will never put any Biden nominee on the Supreme Court. Yet Democrats do nothing.

Mitch McConnell speaking in the Senate

All the Random YouTube Videos I Watched This Spring

Please take an unsolicited deep dive into my YouTube watch history.

A smattering of screenshots from various makeup tutorial and professional YouTube videos

Seriously, Just Keep Giving Us the Money, Again and Always!!!

One more time for the folks in the back.

White House

Nothing Can Prepare You for the Horrors of the Smith College Library Rap Video

RIP hip hop, you had a good run.

Bad Online

The NYC Mayor’s Race Has Way Bigger Problems Than Where Eric Adams Lives

Adams is embroiled in a truly ludicrous scandal—but he would be a bad mayor for much more serious reasons.

Eric Adams speaking at the NYC mayoral debate on CBS New York

Kamala Harris’ Empty Words

The vice president's speech in Guatemala was hollow, cruel, and disingenuous—just like the Biden administration's overall immigration policy.

Kamala Harris speaks in Guatemala

The Democrats’ Bigoted Smear Campaign Against Ilhan Omar

House Democrats are going after Omar because she had the gall to say that America and Israel do not deserve special treatment in international courts.

Ilhan Omar speaking at an event for Bernie Sanders in 2020

It’s Good to Know Where Your Boss Lives

Anna Wintour won't come to the bargaining table. So her workers went to her house.

Fuck Bosses
Members of the New Yorker Union picket outside of Anna Wintour's home in Greenwich Village.

The Fight Against the Corrupt Rideshare ‘Union’ Bills Is Just Getting Started

Grassroots organizing won the day in New York, but Uber and Lyft aren't finished.


The Super-Rich Are Robbing Us Blind

A blockbuster report shows exactly how much the wealthiest men in the world are stealing from the rest of us.

The Economy
A picture of Jeff Bezos standing around looking rich

Emmanuel Macron Getting Slapped Is the Feel-Good Hit of the Summer

More like Emmanuel SMACKron.

The World

Introducing the Discontents Discord!

Starting today, we're joining forces with our partners in the Discontents media collective to bring you a much bigger, much better Discord experience.


‘What Will People Do When Palestine Isn’t Trending Anymore?’

Today in What Now: talking about Palestine and solidarity with writer and podcaster Nashwa Khan.