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Here’s a Democratic Congressman Being a Complete Monster About Vaccines

Ted Lieu's official position is that if you live in a Bad Country, you should be allowed to die.

Ted Lieu
U.S. Institute of Peace

California Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu has long been one of the most annoying people online, an elected official who, much like his counterpart in the Senate Brian Schatz, seems to spend an inordinate amount of time tweeting out #Resistance cliches and making himself look dumb. This has gained Lieu a healthy public profile (“Ted Lieu is out-tweeting Trump, and it’s making him a political star,” reads a Washington Post headline from 2017) and it has also led him to never stop posting.

Today, Lieu revealed that, apart from being terminally online, he is also terminally a disgusting person. Here’s a thought Lieu shared with the world after Joe Biden announced details of his government’s plan to share vaccine doses with the rest of the globe:

Yes, that’s Lieu saying that the Biden plan to rely on COVAX, the leading international vaccine distribution program, is wrong because, uh oh!!!! Some of the vaccines might get delivered to people in Iran!!!! And we should give them to the fascist government in India instead. Sorry, innocent Iranians, you’re an Official Enemy, so Ted Lieu thinks you should die.

Lieu then doubled down:

“We lost the moral high ground, so we should never try to recover it” is definitely one thing you could say.

He then, I dunno, octupled down, sitting online and replying to everyone who told him he was being a monster:

This man is in Congress.

The COVAX scheme isn’t even that good, and Biden, who has been criminally stingy with vaccines thus far, is only agreeing to share 80 million doses even though the U.S. is on track to have hundreds of millions, and possibly billions, of extra doses to spare. And ensuring people don’t die from COVID, and also don’t travel around the world with it including to the U.S., is in America’s interests. But here comes Ted Lieu deciding to play Kissinger and consign the Bad Countries to sink into the mire. Tough break, starving and oppressed North Koreans, you should have tried to be starving and oppressed in Saudi Arabia before you felt entitled to not die from COVID! That’s life—or, in this case, not. Fuck this guy.