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For the Love of God Log Off

Sen. Brian Schatz is addicted to posting. He should stop posting.

brian schatz
PBS Newshour

Brian Schatz is a United States senator. That makes him one of the most powerful people in the world. Senators presumably have a lot on their plates right now, what with that whole “Capitol under siege/everything melting down” going on. Which is why I am here to ask Mr. Schatz to please, for the love of god, stop posting.

Schatz just cannot stop posting. He is a huge posting guy all the time. And half the time he posts like a random pundit instead of a literal U.S. senator. Almost always, it is embarrassing.

The best genre, “White People Very Ostentatiously Thanking Black People Which Is Not Weird At All.” Nobody needs this Brian! (For more on why nobody needs this, read Katherine Krueger.)

Here was a post from Wednesday night which Schatz later deleted and slightly “revised”:

“The desecration of our temple of democracy,” are you kidding me. Go and write some dumb legislation instead of posting this crap! (For more on why it is wrong to think of the cops as being “surprised,” read Caitlin Schneider today.)

But Schatz was just getting started. Here was another post.

Thanks my guy…flag. This is what you post when you have gone so deep into posting that you just have to post something, anything. Flag. Don’t you have work to do?

I love “7 is better than 13” when we’re talking about Republicans supporting the overthrow of an election. Silver linings? But overall, you know how you can avoid disjointed thoughts as a United States senator, whose thoughts carry more weight than someone who is not a United States senator? Do not post! Or get one of your vast array of aides to post for you.

OK here’s the best one:

Yesssss, a Democratic senator just riffing about the times we live in and turning to noted neocon Anne Applebaum and Mitt Romney as his preferred guides. Ironically for someone who a full 24 hours earlier had gone well out of his way to tip his hat to the Black people of the world, Schatz apparently forgot they existed and might have relevant thoughts about a white supremacist assault on his place of work. Which brings us here:

Oh god. Dude, learn offline! As I may have noted, you are a senator. Learn in senator school or something. Go do your job and stop tweeting! OK feels good to get that one off my chest.