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The Insanity of the Twist In This Pride Video Cannot Be Overstated

Prepare yourself.

A still image from the Old Gays TikTok video

OK, you just have to prepare yourselves for this one. Just sit down, take some deep breaths, stretch a bit, and then press play on this video.

Well, some context first: the video is from the TikTok account of “The Old Gays,” a group of men who, like the name suggests, are old and gay, and do stuff on the internet about how they are old and gay and reacting to things. Here’s them reacting to “WAP” in a Grindr video! It’s all perfectly nice, we’re all here for the elders, etc.

OK, there is the context. This video starts out very inspiring, with each member of the group talking about how things were tough when they were kids, but now they are here and old and gay and loving life! If I wasn’t primed for some kind of twist I would have teared up, because I am a big sap and things like that make my cry instantly. But I was primed for a twist, so I just sort of let things play out.

And when I tell you that the turn is WILD, I am TELLING you that it is wild. There will just not be a way you guess what is coming. I won’t even spoil it here because I am that invested in you watching this video and seeing the twist. Am I inadvertently doing the job of the people behind this video? Yes. But life is short.

RIGHT???!?!! What in the hell!!!!!!!!!!! There’s been a lot of the usual Pride weirdness going on this month, but this one took me all the way out, I almost ran around the house screaming. Nothing but love for the Old Gays, make that money, but still: 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯