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What’s the Most Evil Corporation Going Rainbow For Pride?

All your favorite opioid slingers and weapons manufacturers LOVE Pride!

It’s June, so you know that that means! It’s time for globo-mega-corps that behave as de facto states to change all their social media avatars to the rainbow flag to show they love LGBTQ people. It’s become a punchline how widespread this rainbow-washing is, even (or especially so?) among evil organizations. But isn’t it nice to know these companies will destroy your livelihood, bomb you, or get you hooked on opiods just as much as the next straight person???


The Brands Are Fucking This Whole Thing Up

Still, I ask: Who’s the most evil of all? I set out to find answers. (And please do submit ones I missed in the comments below!)

First, look at this literal murderers row of Raytheon, BlackRock, Bank of America, and McKinsey. Get these four together and you could absolutely demolish any parade here or abroad!

Citi got in on the fun, too! (Chase and Wells Fargo, to the best of my knowledge, did not change their avatars on May 31, 2021 at 12:00:00 a.m., and they are NOT any kind of rainbow now. Homophobia??)

Of course, we also have Facebook, which will happily harvest data about your online activities even if you deactivate your account—gay or straight!

Then we have healthcare and healthcare-adjacent #PRIDE:

(In case the name McKesson doesn’t ring a bell, here’s a refresher: The company is one of the “Big Three” drug distributors that, along with manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, reached a $26 billion settlement last year for their roles in creating and then exacerbating the opioid crisis. Per the Washington Post, $26 billion sounds like a ton of money, but it’s nothing compared to the $206 billion Big Tobacco settlements of 1998.)

Plenty of other capitalist titans, new and old, got in on the rainbow-printed fun as well!

That’s right, my LGBTQ friends: You have a Right to Move (using an Uber) but not the right to be treated as a full employee worthy of benefits or basic worker protections!!! You might be wondering, does Lyft love the gays? All I can say is…..hmmmm!! (But thanks for being a loyal follower, @Lyft!)

As Reuters reported, Tyson’s response to COVID-19 was so deeply inadequate that its employees had three times as many cases—and twice as many deaths—as any other meatpacking company. Hopefully none of them were members of the LGBTQ community or this would look pretty bad!!

Awwwww, look!! Even the company that makes Tasers <3s Pride. Protect love……with Taser!! <3

(And yes, their latest tweet was gassing up a cop. Allies!)

Isn’t your heart just full to bursting with the Pride of it all? Mine is too. So, who won Most Evil?? No one!!! But you don’t have to be a Raytheon social media manager to tell who’s losing.