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Please, Fuck Off: J.D. Vance

Leave it to the media's favorite "real America" hack to explain why free childcare is actually bad.

J.D. Vance speaking at the 2021 Southwest Regional Conference hosted by Turning Point USA
Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr

J.D. Vance, whose book Hillbilly Elegy made him liberal media’s favorite “poor white working class” whisperer, and who appears eager to run for Senate, has done it again with his poignant take on what working people in this country want from the government!

Oh, what say you, J.D. Vance? That people should actually be given money that they then use to provide for their families? Sort of like, a universal basic income?? Could that really be the argument he’s making here???

Aw darn, it appears not! Only that, universal childcare is a bad concept because daycares are bad. Also, a survey from a conservative think tank found that only 14% of people without four-year degrees said they preferred full-time childcare, while 44% percent said they’d rather one parent work full time while another parent stay home with the kids, which…

What does this survey actually have to do with universal childcare? Do the people in this survey know they’re supposed to be considering these options in a world in which childcare is available to everyone? (And why did this survey interview single parents and even people without kids, but not ask about preferences on childcare options for single parents?)


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Ahh, well, why complicate these facts with meaningless questions! This is J.D. Vance, a very smart man who speaks for all of “rural America,” after all.

Huh, OK! So his argument is that the people who want to take care of their kids by themselves just choose to because they love their families, and not because they just can’t afford childcare? And that actually people who want universal childcare really just want the program in order to spend more time at work, and not because it could free up time for them to do the unfortunate thing we must all do, which is to make money to provide for our families?

Given all this, Vance must be in favor of things that would make work pay more so that people could make the kind of choices he wants? Like, for instance, a minimum wage? And a man whose entire life story is based on going to an Ivy League school and then getting rich must want everyone to have the educational opportunities he did, so more of them can make a lot of money and then not have to work all the time? Oh, wait, he’s not in favor of a $15 minimum wage or tuition-free college? Interesting.

Well then, Vance must be at least in favor of the alternative that he seemed to be arguing for at the start of his whole “universal childcare is bad” discourse.

Surely he must think that, if creating a program to help improve childcare and daycare centers doesn’t work, then the only real option here is to give people the money they need to thrive and provide for their families, so that they don’t have to exchange their labor for money instead, yes?? I mean, even the article he linked advocates for cash payments to families as opposed to whatever this conservative understanding of “universal childcare” means, so….????

Darn! A class war on the normies over whether to give people free child care so that they don’t have to worry so much about providing for their families, and all we get is a “parent” tax credit proposal that, uhh, prioritizes the amount of parents in a family instead of the amount of children? For child care? He was so close to getting it… Ahh, well! J.D. Vance is the man of the people, so he must be on to something!!