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Nothing In Recorded History Will Ever Top These 16 Seconds of ‘The View’

Is it the best video of all time? Sources say...perhaps.

meghan mccain whoopi goldberg ok

Every time I think of ways to describe this 16-second clip of Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg from today’s edition of iconic, Discourse Blog-endorsed morning show The View, I come up short. What can you say about perfection like this???

When I tell you that I literally SCREAM with laughter every time I watch this clip you had better believe me. It’s just, wow, everything right and true in the world is embodied in this clip: Meghan’s usual misplaced growing confidence, the increasingly hyperbolic nature of her gibberish, her smug glee at the end, that second where you hear her audio coming into Whoopi’s ear, and then: “………..OK.” “………..OK,” with that look of pure bored befuddlement, where you know Whoopi is counting money in her head so that she doesn’t walk right off the set.

For “context,” the crew was discussing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and Oprah, and Meghan was going on a wild rant about how she LOVES America, and she used to pretend to be George Washington as a kid (???) and she loves Mount Vernon and the founding fathers, and she named her kid Liberty, so she LOVES America, but also some Brits she knows don’t love Meghan? But anyway, monarchy is dumb, and Oprah is good, and Meghan and Oprah are a new American Revolution hell yeah!

That is what made Whoopi Goldberg go “………..OK.” Cue scream laughter, cut to black, sometimes the world is a good place. Yes.