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I Can’t Get Enough of These Brits Losing It Over America’s Insane Drug Ads

American healthcare is terrifying to everyone!

meghan oprah drug ads
CBS News

The Meghan Markle-Prince Harry-Oprah sitdown on Sunday night offered up a bevy of shocking revelations—including for overseas viewers who were astonished at all the deranged pharmaceutical ads that the American healthcare system is allowed to put on television.

I first noticed the reaction when political strategist Waleed Shahid started retweeting a bunch of freaked-out Brits who were watching the livestream of the CBS interview, complete with ads. (Drug companies in the UK are not allowed to do the crazy shit that America lets them do!)

This morning, writer Ayesha Siddiqi compiled another thread of similar reactions. There are just so many people on the internet who are wondering what the hell is wrong with this country.

Pretty much! A good reminder that while the UK sucks, America also sucks.