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If This Was Happening In Another Country We’d Be Sending In the Troops

If America really cares about democracy, it has no choice but to invade itself.

CBS News

What a situation we find ourselves in! The current president is refusing to accept the results of a democratic election. He is lying about the voting process and causing a crisis of faith in the outcome of the race. His chief diplomat is sending a message to the world that there will be no peaceful transfer of power to the president’s duly elected successor. His party’s legislators are squarely behind him. His cronies in government are working hard to sabotage their political rivals and prevent a smooth democratic transition.

Is there any doubt that if this was happening in another country and not the United States, we’d be sending the troops in?

After all, as the world’s chief defender of liberty and democracy, America has granted itself the permanent right to intervene in the affairs of all other countries at any time. That’s why governments of every political stripe have backed noble causes like the Iraq and Vietnam wars, coups in Chile, Bolivia, Venezuela (a couple of times!), Honduras, Iran, Guatemala, Haiti, and a whole host of other countries I’m forgetting (though I’m sure they’re all eternally grateful), and proxy wars in so many places around the globe that it would take ages to list them all.

“But Jack!” you might be saying. “Those were all totally unjust and disastrous interventions based on ginned-up circumstances and used to further American power around the globe, not to promote actual democracy and freedom!”

Sure, commie, think that way! Actually, no, I’ll go along with your narrative. That’s what makes our current crisis all the more notable. Unlike so many of those other events I’ve mentioned, there really is a festering democratic crisis taking place in the United States right now. This isn’t a fantasy story like the one George W. Bush told about the WMDs. Donald Trump is really out here trying to take down the underpinnings of the American electoral system! If he can wind up figuring out how to impose his rule on a populace that’s made it clear that they want him gone, he’ll do it! His foot soldiers really are turning the inner workings of government against rival leaders. It’s not great!

So I ask again: where is the groundswell for a swift, clean democratic intervention? Where is NATO in all of this? If America really cares about maintaining its role as the world’s policeman, it has no choice but to invade itself.