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Sure Seems Like the President Is Having a Bad Comedown

Gone are the days of his steroid-fueled euphoria. He's missing his fix!

Bloomberg screenshot

Look at what is happening with Donald Trump!

Gone are the days when he was pumping out videos about how AMAZING he felt and how when you think about it time is just a construct. No longer is he putting Baryshnikov to shame with the brilliance of his hoof-trotting dance routines.

No, now he is dolefully splaying an arm out here and there, putting the bare minimum of effort into what was once a carefully choreographed ballet:

Trump is also lashing out at former friends. He was once able to handle 60 Minutes supremo Lesley Stahl with ease. Now, the two have fallen out, as these sad and embittered tweets show all too painfully:

Ugh. They used to be Donny and Lesley!!! How things change. Look at this guy. He’s down in the dumps.

There are a lot of possible explanations for this behavior. Trump is a sociopath freak, he’s way behind in the polls, everyone’s being mean to him, etc.

To me, though, there is an obvious factor. My guess: Trump is having a really bad comedown from the steroid-fueled euphoria of his COVID phase.

This is a man who was very recently pumped with the quotient of drugs they typically use to get your standard elephant or grizzly bear doped up. And boy did that shit work on him. He could not stop talking about how much younger he felt and how incredible the stuff they were sticking into him was. He was having an awesome time, and why not? Steroids make you high as hell. They are serious business.

Now….not so much. He’s crabby, he’s mean, he’s agitated. He needs his fix!

Can I be sure of this? No. But also…yes.

Clearly, some action is needed. This is no time to wean the big man off the sauce. Get the dexamethasone!!!