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Happy One-Year Anniversary of Trump Getting COVID

Will we ever feel that good again?

An NBC News screenshot of Donald Trump's COVID announcement
NBC News

Many dreadful things happened in 2020, but a year ago tonight, a beautiful, wonderful, hilarious thing happened: Donald Trump got COVID.

It’s been a crazy 365 days since then, and a lot has happened, but the fundamental truth of those events has not changed: Trump getting COVID was objectively awesome, and the days when he was in the hospital injected the hellish 2020 experience with some much-needed joy. It was just….so FUNNY!

Remember Trump in Walter Reed, high out of his mind, and then taking that stupid car trip, and his quack doctors lying for him, and then the bonkers White House mask-removal, and his comedown….it was all so good. I mean, it was awful, but it was GREAT—the sight of someone who totally deserved what was happening to him being put through the wringer, and doing it in the most ridiculous way possible. It felt like this perfect little moment amid such insanity and gloom. Sigh, nothing gold can stay. Anyway, happy anniversary Donald! You should think about getting COVID again buddy.