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A Toast to the Sniveling Rats Jumping Off Trump’s Sinking Ship

These resignations are worthless.

betsy devos

Weird how so many members of the Trump administration are distancing themselves from President Trump and jumping ship now that one of the worst possible things that could happen under their fascistic regime has already happened!!!

Following Wednesday’s MAGA takeover of the Capitol building, several members of the Trump cabinet and staff have already tendered their resignations. Those who have yet to resign also need not fear potential retribution for their roles in the administration, as President Trump is already kicking the tires on his pardoning power and wondering how far this baby will take him. But more on that later…

So far, among the 11th-hour cowards planning to resign are Education Secretary Betsy DeVos; Transportation Secretary (and Mitch McConnell’s wife !!!!!) Elaine Chao ; former acting chief of staff and “special envoy to Northern Ireland” (lol) Mick Mulvaney; Deputy National Security Adviser Matthew Pottinger; Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce John Costello; Acting Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers Tyler Goodspeed; former White House Press Secretary and Melania Trump’s chief of staff Stephanie Grisham; the First Lady’s social secretary Rickie Niceta; and deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Matthews.

Their statements really have been an art in covering your ass. Here are just a few of them, from the New York Times:

In the letter, Ms. DeVos called the mob that disrupted Congress as it was certifying the election results on Wednesday “unconscionable for our country.” […]

The unrest at the Capitol, [Ms. Chao] wrote, “deeply troubled me in a way that I simply cannot set aside.” […]

Mr. Costello, one of the country’s most senior cybersecurity officials, resigned Wednesday, telling associates that the violence on Capitol Hill was his “breaking point” and, he hoped, “a wake up call.” […]

Ms. Matthews, a deputy White House press secretary, submitted her resignation on Wednesday, saying in a statement that she was “deeply disturbed by what I saw today.”

LOL, chef’s kiss. Even folks who previously worked in the administration still feel like they need to make sure their future federal aspirations will be safe come January 20:

How convenient for everyone involved that these folks finally found it in them to “stand up for America,” or whatever other generic thing they’ve told the press to distance themselves from President Trump, less than two weeks before his presidency ends, when there is absolutely nothing on the line for them and when 99 percent of his damage is already done.

Never mind the nearly six years of bullshit that the Trump campaign and administration has created and that these people have carried out and been complicit in. Just off the top of my head, there’s, IDK, every possible thinkable assault on immigrants, and transgender people, and Black people and people of color. Charlottesville wasn’t enough—nope, the bar was so high that it took a second right-wing, white supremacist rally to convince these people that their reputations might not survive the Trump administration.

Alas, those who have yet to denounce Wednesday’s Capitol takeover by announcing the end of their friendship with the president who fueled it need not fear for their political futures. According to Bloomberg, Trump is preparing a list of people he’d like to pardon. Among them are celebrities like Lil Wayne and Kodak Black, but far more alarming on this list is Stephen fucking Miller.

Of course, this was always going to shake out this way. It has long been clear that anyone who worked for Trump would be able to move into their next consultant or government role with little trouble regardless of the harm they caused, and that those in Trump’s good graces would be completely insulated from the backlash that any other everyday person would receive for just doing a fraction of what a Trump associate did.

I wrote the above blog back in November, right after the election, but christ, I wasn’t prepared for just how brutally, jarringly true this could be. For any of these people to be able to live their lives in relative peace after a mob of white supremacists rushed Congress. But it’s looking to be exactly what will happen in the end. Some of these people are now worried they’ve become “unemployable” as a result, which I genuinely wish I could believe was the case, but I’ll believe it when I see it.