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This Week In ‘What Now’

All the exclusive stuff that our Steward subscribers got this week.

Sam Grasso

Happy Friday! What a week, both in the world and in our incredible premium newsletter, What Now!

If you need reminding: What Now is our newsletter that we send out to our Steward tier members. They get three editions per week with 100 percent original content! Yes! It includes:

—Exclusive interviews with only good people

—Our Group Chat mailbag where we answer your questions

—Our “spin” on news we couldn’t get to on the site

—Recommendations, Slack chats, musings, oh and TONS of cat pics

—Rafi’s “Man, What the Hell?” weekly news roundup, which now lives in What Now.

Wow! All of that, three times a week, written by your favorite bloggers? Is this a dream??? No, it is pure reality.

You can get all of this if you subscribe to our Steward tier. It’s just $10 a month or $100 a year, and you get What Now plus everything on our website, commenting privileges, access to our Discord server, and more! Just click the button below.

If you need more proof that this is a good plan, here’s a taste of what our Stewards got this week.

On Monday, Sam spoke to Bitch Media EIC Evette Dionne about journalism, “diversity” and much more:

On Wednesday, Sam answered questions on a variety of topics, including the BBQ Wars:

On Friday, Rafi said “Man, What the Hell?!” to MANY different things.

There’s so much more in What Now! To sign up, you know what you have to do: subscribe to our Steward tier. Here’s the button again:

Have a great weekend!