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These People Are Sick

The Republicans for Biden over at the Lincoln Project are just the absolute worst.

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There’s a lot a lot a lot going on right now, but I can’t get this tweet out of my head.

Woof. Look at all those retweets, and the likes! It fills me with despair.

I’d been sort of vaguely aware of The Lincoln Project before this week. It’s a group run by about 8 of the 20 #NeverTrump Republicans still alive and kicking, and its mission is to defeat Donald Trump in the name of true conservatism or honor or some shit like that. In short, they’re the kind of Republicans for Biden that Uncle Joe has been thirsting for.

A painting that truly makes you think.

Really, it’s just the logical endpoint of the hollowed-out, ideologically empty #Resistance which welcomed these Republicans with open arms so long as they were dunking on Trump every hour on MSNBC. The Lincoln Project carried along in the background for me until I started seeing lots of the worst liberals on my timeline eagerly sharing their videos, often with a comment like “devastating.” The videos usually go heavy on maudlin, patriotic, “have you no decency, sir” themes, like this one about how Trump is Betraying The Troops:

But, like any good member of the #Resistance, what really gets the Lincoln Project going is Putin. This past weekend, the New York Times reported that Russia had paid Afghan militias to target U.S. troops, and that Trump knew about it, and the Lincoln Project lost its damn mind.

My personal view on this story is that Russia trying to pay people to kill other people is bad in the way that all war is bad, but also that the Lincoln Project still sucks because they are Republicans who would be very happy if Trump started an actual entire war with Russia, which would also, you guessed it, be bad. And also that tweeting “#TRE45ON” is incredibly embarrassing.

Anyway, Trump tweeted a video showing one of his supporters yelling “white power” this weekend, and that is how we arrive at the tweet I started this blog off with, a Hall of Fame sickening tweet. If you need a reminder:

How do I loathe this tweet? I can barely count the ways. It is just beyond repulsive to me for these GOP hacks to take the very real, grave issue of Donald Trump being a white supremacist and insist that he is doing so because Russia. I hate it so, so much when people look at the president of the United States—or anyone else—trying to foment racism and instead of just sitting with that for a moment, or, heaven forbid, trying to do something about it, say it’s all about Putin. Racism in America is not all about Putin, you sick freaks! White supremacy is not some little chess game that Donald Trump is playing with. It’s not a toy. Do these people know what is happening in this country?

No, he’s tweeting “White Power” because he is a white supremacist! What is wrong with you? This video also contains one of the most deranged captions I have ever seen:

I cannot no no no.

It makes me all the angrier to see this because, thanks to the brain poisoning of most of the Democratic Party, I know that these #NeverTrump ghouls will have a much bigger level of influence on Joe Biden if he becomes the president than, say, anybody even halfway decent. These are the charlatans and warmongers who are going to be sitting around the table night after night in a Biden presidency while the DNC builds a wall around Ilhan Omar’s house to see that she can’t get out. The future is bright!

Screenshot: The Lincoln Project