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For the Last Time: We Didn’t Lose SCOTUS Because of the Left

This nonsense needs to stop.

Susan Sarandon speaking to CNN about Bernie Sanders.

I’m deeply tired, already. Abortion has been effectively outlawed for the entire state of Texas, and much of the rest of the country may soon follow. But, instead of focusing on mobilizing people against this assault—or, perhaps, holding the right people to account—my brain is clogged for the second day by the worst kind of people insisting that our current political hell can be blamed on two people alone: Sen. Bernie Sanders and the actress Susan Sarandon.

This is not new, and yet, like all stupid opinions, they sprout up again and again when bad things happen. This is why Sarandon’s name was trending on Twitter yesterday, and why I’m still seeing tweets like this today—the idea that even before the Supreme Court declined to block the Texas law, liberals could safely blame the left, once again, for “losing” the Supreme Court for a generation.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Could the Supreme Court effectively be lost for a generation? Sure. But even now, with the Democrats in power in both chambers of Congress and the White House, the person to blame is…. the woman who played Louise in Thelma & Louise. What if President Joe Biden made packing the court a priority of his administration, instead of, at best, establishing a commission to “study” the Supreme Court and, at worst, constantly throwing cold water on the idea that the court can be reshaped at all? Impossibilities, clearly!! We certainly wouldn’t want to hold any of our elected Democrats accountable for the havoc this conservative court will continue to wreak for years and years to come!

But let’s go back further than that, to the heart of the matter: These bozos are singularly fixated on the idea that Sanders, by running against Clinton in the 2016 primary, left her significantly damaged, ultimately losing her the White House and allowing Donald Trump to appoint two new justices. This doesn’t take into account:

  1. Clinton won the popular vote by three millions ballots but lost because of our insane Electoral College!!! The fact that, after 2016, no major Democrat made a single PEEP about abolishing (or even reforming, I’ll be generous!) the Electoral College should tell you everything you need to know.
  2. She was also a fatally flawed, uniquely vulnerable candidate from the onset, whose campaign never took the threat of Trump’s candidacy seriously, among myriad other mistakes, like over-relying on internal polling instead of what organizers on the ground saw clear as day. They made a lot of mistakes!!! But hey, far be it from me to expect any responsibility be taken there.
  3. What about the Democratic National Committee and all its machinery, which ran in lock step with her campaign?
  4. And—most obviously to me but also most overlooked—what about Trump’s unique appeal to Americans being a reason he won and Clinton lost? Voters clearly wanted to vote for him, not just against Clinton.

But these brain-dead liberals won’t make any effort to grapple with any of these factors, because that would require real soul searching about the future of the party and what it really means to be a Democratic voter anymore. It’s much easier—and a handy way to push for blind loyalty for a party that gives its voters very little—to blame the left.

Before I get heart palpitations, here are a few more places they might considering spreading the blame:

  1. What about James Comey? Clinton supporters LOVE blaming Comey, but I guess not when it comes to things like losing the Supreme Court.
  2. Why not start the ‘SCOTUS is gone’ clock with the Democrats losing the Senate in 2014 after Barack Obama became president with a near-Democratic supermajority?
  3. How about blaming everyone’s favorite, the late “notorious” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, for not taking Obama’s hint about retiring back in July 2013, when there was still more than three and a half years left in his second term to safely appoint and confirm her replacement?
  4. Or, lest you accuse me of sexism, why didn’t Justice Stephen Breyer announce his retirement the moment Biden took office, learning from the debacle of daring McConnell not to confirm Merrick Garland as Obama was on his way out of office?
  5. Let’s also be sure to talk about how, under Trump, the Republicans led by Mitch McConnell set out to systematically remake the federal judiciary in their own Federalist Society image with little pushback from top Democrats. We’ll be paying for that for the rest of our lives as well!
  6. And before I hear the name Jill Stein ever again, what do people screaming BERNIE BROS VOTED FOR TRUMP make of the fact that TWICE AS MANY Dems who supported Clinton in the 2008 primary would go on to vote for John McCain, not Obama, in the general?

I could go on and on with these! My, my, it seems everything is a bit more complicated than meets the (idiot’s) eye!

This has taken years off my life. All I ask is that, if you refuse to think critically or take any political responsibility for the candidates and systems you’ve wholeheartedly supported, is that you write these musings in your diaries at night. They’re pigheaded, factually dubious, and no one—NO ONE—needs to hear them.