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If Only There Was Something To Be Done About This

The Supreme Court just left millions at risk of getting evicted. Oh well, everyone tried their best!

Picture of eviction notice in a sotry about the Supreme Court overturning the eviction moratorium
ABC 11

The Supreme Court tossed out the Biden administration’s federal eviction moratorium late Thursday night. The decision means that millions of people are now at risk of losing their homes in the midst of an ever-raging pandemic. None of the six justices who supported this outcome even signed their names to the ruling, which was issued as part of the court’s notorious “shadow docket.”

The sight of six individuals subjecting millions of people to such possible harm, and in such a flagrantly dubious manner, was obviously galling to many.

If only there was something that could be done to deal with this situation!

If only the Supreme Court could be reformed to dilute the power of the current crazed far-right majority.

If only, in the absence of such reforms, Congress could, what’s that word, “legislate” to impose a moratorium itself. If only there was a political party actually interested in doing such a thing.

If only the tens of billions of dollars already set aside to keep people in their homes could be spent.

If only there was a political system that treated a mass housing crisis during a pandemic with the same urgency as staying in Afghanistan forever.

Oh well!