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God Bless the ‘Soup for My Family’ Protester

Donald Trump's worst nightmare has been realized.


Protesters have gathered outside the police station in Brooklyn Center, MN every night since Sunday, when now-former police officer Kim Potter shot and killed 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop. As it so often goes, the police have turned the area into a war zone, attacking protesters with tear gas, flash-bang grenades, rubber bullets, and rolling their militarized vehicles through the surrounding neighborhood.


The Enraging Police Defense of Daunte Wright’s Killing

This report from the Star Tribune really captures the terror the police are sowing in the face of protests against killing yet another Black man (emphasis mine):

Law enforcement officers have clashed with the protesters, using tear gas, flash-bang grenades and projectiles to clear the crowds. For those living in the apartments nearby, that has meant finding bright green marking rounds and gas canisters landing on their balconies. It has meant sleepless nights of trying to watch through windows while fearing a projectile will fly through the glass. And even for those residents who did try going to bed, the coughing caused by the tear gas was often enough to keep them awake.

“My place smells like smoke and there are times when it’s hard to breathe,” said Jamiya Crayton, 24. She’s been stuffing wet towels around her windows, but it’s not enough, she said.

Then there’s the noise. The flash-bang grenades are piercing. So is the crowd. People yell, and military vehicles rumble across the yard right under Crayton’s balcony, leaving deep tracks in the mud.

Crayton’s sisters, 11-year-old twins, are both on the autism spectrum and sensitive to loud sounds. They spent most of Tuesday night pacing the apartment, hands over their ears. On Wednesday afternoon, Crayton got a phone call from her sister Janavia’s social worker at school, who said Janavia was agitated, repeating over and over again that her house was blowing up.

“Explaining to them is so hard,” Crayton said. “I just keep having to say to them that no one is trying to hurt us.”

She’s also been trying to convince her 3-year-old daughter, Samaya.

“She’s terrified of police,” Crayton said. “She doesn’t want to be at home.”

With that picture at the forefront of your mind, imagine the uproar this CNN interview with a soup-can-holding protester is likely to cause:

“I’ve been here all four nights,” the protester tells reporter Sara Sidner. “I’m just standing here tonight with soup for my family.” He winks at the camera like he’s in a soup commercial.

“You’re not planning on using that, are you, throwing it at the police?” the reporter responds.

“Like I said, it’s for my family,” he replies.

Be sure to watch the whole video above — it’s all an excellent callback to Donald Trump bizarrely going on about the menace of protesters armed to the hilt with cans of soup that they then claim is “for my family.” Performance art in the midst of civil unrest!!!! We love to see it!!

The Soup Protester found plenty of love online, too:

If you think I’m being cavalier about the threat of soup, do not forget: This is in the face of an invading army baring down. What else should they do?

Update, 12:59 p.m. ET: We have a name! Tiger Worku, welcome.