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Let’s All Enjoy Rudy Giuliani Decomposing on Live TV

Good movie takes, though!

Rudy Giuliani
The Independent

Donald Trump’s top lawyer Rudy Giuliani held a press conference at the RNC headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Thursday to update the American people on the status of several lawsuits filed by the administration challenging the legal status of votes in oh my god I’m sorry I can’t do a serious lead to this there is literally black fluid running down the side of his face look at this shit.

I mean just. The best guess is that this is hair dye but it could be cerebral fluid.

When I turned on the livestream of the news conference to write this blog, Giuliani was ranting about allies of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and current Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Ok. Moving on. Let’s focus on the real issue here: the only solid ground Giuliani was on the entire afternoon is when he was discussing movies, specifically My Cousin Vinny, which he referred to as one of his favorite legal films. It’s true! My Cousin Vinny is a classic! Giuliani then immediately misquoted it, but sure.

Meanwhile Vice reports that right wing YouTube channels and YouTube itself have found a way to monetize the morons who are watching this and yelling along with Giuliani. Good shit all round.

Even the people on Trump’s actual staff could tell this was all an enormous farce:

Really don’t have anything else to say about this just that we are living in historic times in America, by which I mean the incredibly stupid “Nero fiddling while Rome burns” period, except instead of a fiddle it’s Rudy quoting My Cousin Vinny while Trump probably fast-forwards through Bloodsport again to take his mind off things.