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You Will Never Convince Me That There Is an Alive Man in This Car

We have been told Prince Philip is in this car, fully alive. I call foul.

prince philip leaving the hospital
This is purportedly the fully alive Prince Philip in the car. Not buying it!
9News (text and arrow added by Jack)

Here is a thing that happened today: Prince Philip, 99-year-old noted mega-racist monster person, was sent home from the hospital after 28 days.

OK, fine, I’m not disputing that something was in that car. But I AM disputing the notion that this is an alive human man in the back of this car.

Sorry, nope, no, nein, non, take your pick, this is not a functioning person, that is a relatively fresh corpse!!!

Compare the above picture of “Prince Philip leaving the hospital” to this image from noted scientific source Young Frankenstein:

I rest my case!!!! Philip has been dead, by my estimation, for about 3 months, and has either been crudely re-animated or is involved in a full Weekend at Bernie‘s situation. Whatever is going on, that is just not a human being who is “alive” in the sense that you and I understand. Is this what decades of racism in one of the worst families on the globe does to the soul??? I’ll leave that to the scientists.