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Paul Gosar is a Nazi, But He’s Also Very Stupid

Nick Fuentes and Rep. Paul Gosar deserve each other.

"Paul Gosar" by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

I can kind of understand why Republican Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar is so insistent on framing his nascent coalition of white nationalists and violent insurrectionists in the clichéd language of “big tent” conservatism. The guy is probably extremely lonely, considering that his entire family thinks he’s a huge piece of shit. No wonder the guy wants to surround himself with similarly sized-shit golems: he’s desperate for company! Anyone‘s company. All Nazis welcome. And this time the Nazi in question happens to be Nick Fuentes, a committed Holocaust denier, DOJ-labeled “white supremacist” and enthusiastic attendee of 2017’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.

According to a flyer posted to Fuentes’ Telegram account, he and Gosar will be co-headlining a fundraiser sometimes in the coming months (exact date and time to be announced later).

Ordinarily, sharing a stage with someone who waxes rhapsodic about murdering lawmakers would be, y’know, something of a career hurdle for a member of the United States Congress. But Gosar, a garbage person desperate for human companionship, thinks it’s fine. He’s just trying to stay hip and relevant to the (Hitler) youth. And, okay, sure, he might not agree with them “100% on every issue” but hey, ain’t that America folks??

Gosar didn’t expand upon which of Fuentes’ many documented concerns are the ones he doesn’t agree with “100%” — is it the one where Fuentes thinks Jim Crow segregation was “better for [Black people] too“? The one where he concludes that “the math doesn’t add up there” while laughing at the number of Jews killed by the Nazis during the Holocaust? The one where he chuckles while blowing away an interracial couple with a shotgun in a video game? There are just so many issues for Gosar to not 100% agree with!

Obviously Gosar doesn’t actually have a problem with any of this. But if you look at the power differential here, it’s clear who’s actually playing who.

On one hand, we have a United States congressman and heir to former Rep. Steve King’s role as the most outwardly racist conservative in the federal government (which is impressive—there’s a lot of competition). And yet, no one seems to really give a shit about Paul Gosar beyond the fact that A) he’s a huge bigot, and B) his whole family thinks he sucks. Has he been a part of any successful legislative pushes? Has he given a rousing floor speech, or helped deliver votes for his fellow GOP colleagues? Who knows? Who cares! Gosar is simply the current occupant of the GOP’s “old, white, outspoken racist” slot, who the rest of the Republican party keeps around to take the heat of themselves for being slightly less vocal about their own equally vigorous racism.

Fuentes, meanwhile, is a Nazi on the rise. He earns a six-figure salary simply for being a mildly telegenic racist online. At 22 years old, he’s created his own fascist fiefdom, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. He doesn’t actually care about Gosar, beyond their shared overarching dislike of non-white, non-Christian people. What Fuentes really cares about is worming his way into “respectable” conservative circles. Raising money for a sitting U.S. congressman — even one the party would like to pretend it holds at arm’s length — is the way to do just that. Gosar is simply a means to that end, not that he minds. He seems to genuinely believe that Fuentes is his foot in the door to a whole new generation of racist kids. And, who knows, maybe he’s right, and this really is a two-way street. But my guess is that at the end of the day, none of Fuentes’ followers are going to give a shit if Paul Gosar stays a congressman or not. There’ll always be a new racist Republican around whom they can rally.

And in the meantime, Gosar seems dumb enough to just be happy that people are pretending to like him for who he is. What an idiot.