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Boy, we enjoy feuds, don’t we folks? Sure, we appreciate when they’re about something important, but we love – we love — when they’re pointless, petty, and deeply, deeply bitter.

What I’m saying is: I don’t like to lose. Especially to my beloved coworker Jack. Especially about something as unimportant as long-dead network sitcoms.

What I’m saying is: Last week Jack let slip in our Discourse Daily newsletter that I happen to be of the (correct) opinion that Cheers was unambiguously a better TV show than its spin-off Frasier. And to my dismay, it seems like a lot of you agreed with him that Frasier is better. First off: Kudos. It takes a lot of courage to admit to being wrong like many of you did. I respect it. But more importantly — what the fuck are you talking about? Frasier? Better than CHEERS???

But I digress. Sort of.

This week for Office Hours, we’re feudin’. I’m feuding with you. You’re feuding with me. Some of you might feud with each other. Everyone should feud with Jack. I want you to share your longest, most petty feuds. I’ve simply never let my sister forget the time she kicked me in the goddamned nose, and then I got in trouble for it. Perhaps you have an argument with a childhood friend you refuse to back down from? Hell, find someone else with a take right here in the comments that you think is quite simply wrong? Get feudin’ in the replies, baby!! There’s no subject too dumb, no stance too petty that it doesn’t merit becoming a hill worth dying on, right?

Its feud week in Office Hours. Go nuts. Unless you’re wrong, in which case, get out.