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Office Hours

Office Hours: The Audacity of Cope

Let's get nice and petty!

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“It’s all over but the shouting.” Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Pennsylvania has certified its votes. Michigan has certified its votes. Georgia has certified its votes, and for what seems like the 17th time in the past few weeks, Donald Trump has, yet again, been officially proclaimed a bona fide loser. Yawn.

By all indications, Trump plans to spend the last month and a half of his presidency just going through the motions. If he hardly could be bothered to give a shit before he lost, he’s clearly losing interest in keeping the charade going any longer than absolutely necessary. So instead of throwing bombs on Twitter, and screaming at the press for an hour — two hallmarks of his time in office — he spends his days retweeting Randy Quaid and doing…whatever this was:

With Trump’s heart clearly not in it anymore, his diehard supporters — the ones he’s spent the past four years compressing into an impossibly dense bloc of conspiracy theories and racism — are left struggling to figure out both what happened, and what happens next. Put another way: they’re trying, and by all indications failing, to cope. And reader? I’m loving it.

Sure, it’s tacky. Frankly, I simply do not care. The pendulum has swung away from Ben Garrison comics and mugs labeled “liberal tears” and back toward stuff like, well, this:

“Save president Trump a bit of money on lawyers…” Good god, what deliciously whiny bullshit. It’s a balm on my troubled soul, and I will never get enough.

So for Office Hours this week, share the best post-election Trump, MAGA, Q-Anon, Proud Boy meltdowns you’ve seen so far. It can be stuff from Twitter, anecdotes about your marginally bigoted aunt, a YouTube video of a man with a goatee, ranting about election fraud from the driver’s seat of his Ford F-150 parked in a strip mall parking lot – I want it all.

This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for you all indulging my sophomoric pettiness. So let’s do this, Office Hours are open.