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Hi there, and welcome to Office Hours, Discourse Blog’s weekly free-form open thread for subscribers. Think of it kind of like jazz, but all the musicians are grouchy leftists, and also none of us can really carry a tune. If you’re new here, say hi and chat along, or just sit back and watch the comments stack up. Don’t worry about responding to the prompt — most people ignore it after a few minutes, anyway.

And if you’re an Office Hours regular, well, you’ve probably noticed things look a little different today. I won’t bore you with the details of what’s changed (some stuff!) and what’s stayed the same (the other stuff!) since we launched the new website, but I encourage you to check out Jack and Aleks’ terrific introductory post explaining our new and exciting metamorphosis if you haven’t already read up on How Things Work Now.

Office Hours has always been a place for good natured spleen-venting, prognosticating and the occasional bout of constructive(ish) criticism. With that in mind, and as you explore our fancy-schmancy new digs, I have just one question for you this week: What do you think? What’s good? What could be better? We wanna hear it all! Leave a comment in our brand-new comments section below.

The office is new and (hopefully) improved. The hours are now. Let’s do this!