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This is not how you should be reporting the Amazon union defeat, come on!

A pro-Amazon Union sign

As you may have heard, Amazon has successfully crushed the union drive at its warehouse in Bessemer, AL. The company used every union-busting tactic in the books, with some especially devious and oppressive measures thrown in for fun, and has now emerged victorious, though the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union has vowed to contest the results. The story is not over, but for the moment, Amazon workers have been defeated.

That is, unless you took a look at the New York Times today. There, you would have found that workers actually won a big victory.

That’s certainly…one way of looking at things, for sure. Props to the workers, beating back the union menace.

It turns out that’s not even the whole story of this cursed NYT headline, as the invaluable @nyt_diff Twitter feed shows us. The headline was changed from what I would describe as an accurate rendering of the news to one that was, well, different:

An interesting choice, especially since, as media reporter Mark DiStefano noted, the change put the Times right in line with Amazon’s own talking points (apologies for using my own tweet here, a practice I loathe, but I kind of have to in this case):

Funny how that worked out.

The headline has since been changed a second time. It now reads thus:

Better, but come on. Amazon defeated the union drive! You had it right the first time! Get your shit together New York Times!