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New Year, New Tiers

Announcing some changes to our subscription tiers.

subscription tier prices

We have some exciting news to share! Starting today, Discourse Blog will have two primary tiers, both with monthly and annual options:

  • Worker, which gets you behind the paywall and access to all our posts. $8/month or $85/year.
  • Steward, which gets you past the paywall, plus commenting, an invite to our private Discord server, signed up for “What Now” (a premium newsletter with bonus content and behind the scenes goodies), and a discount on forthcoming merchandise. $10/month or $100/year.

(We’ll also be keeping the Oligarch tier, for $1,000/year, for anyone feeling especially generous.)

There will be discounts on both annual rates all week. The discount will get smaller every day, so act fast! Want to see the discounted rates? Check our Twitter and Instagram for promo codes. Heard enough and you’re ready to subscribe? Click the button below:

Why the change? After hearing from readers and talking internally, we decided it would be a better experience for everyone if we simplified our offerings and made our pricing more flexible.

This means we will no longer offer the Boss and Capitalist tiers. But don’t worry! If you’re a current subscriber at either tier, we are honoring your subscriptions through the end of your year. Two quick items to note for each:

  • Bosses: Your subscriptions have been reclassified as Workers, but you will retain commenting through the end of your subscription year. After that, you’ll need upgrade to Steward to keep commenting!
  • Capitalists: Your subscriptions have been reclassified as Stewards, and your experience effectively will not change (comments, Discord, etc.). However, because you subscribed at a higher price ($125) than what we charge for Steward, we will be adding on an additional month to your subscription gratis as a show of appreciation for your support. You should see that reflected in your account by the end of the week.

If you had subscribed as either a Boss or a Capitalist, look out for an email from us too.

Additionally, anyone who came over with us from Substack will have their benefits maintained for a year starting from when you signed up. Essentially, if you were able to comment before today’s changes, you will continue to be able to comment.

Thank you to all our subscribers for supporting us and our mission! We are a 100% reader-supported site—no investors, no corporate owners, just us. None of this is possible without your help. We have big, big plans this for year and it’s our hope these new tiers will them them possible.

If you’re running into issues with your subscription, please get in touch by emailing us: