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We’ve Been Sleeping on Naomi Wolf’s COVID Insanity

She's dropping some of the most unhinged nonsense in the game.

Naomi Wolf goes on Fox News to talk about COVID vaccines
Fox News

Any big crisis brings with it a host of grifters, charlatans, and frauds, and COVID is no different. Plenty of people have pushed dangerous falsehoods about the pandemic, or gone into hysterical overdrive about the methods used to curb it. Perhaps the leading practitioner of the form is “author” and “journalist” Alex Berenson, who has been swimming in this sewer practically since Day One of the pandemic. (Berenson’s habit of pushing easily debunked lies about COVID was efficiently summarized in the Atlantic today.)

I have no quibble with the anti-Berenson brigade, but some recent activity in my timeline has caused me to offer this brief corollary: have you noticed what Naomi Wolf is doing lately?

You may remember Wolf as the formerly leading third-wave feminist whose star has fallen precipitously in recent years thanks to her habit of being extravagantly wrong in public. Somehow, she is still out here, plugging away, and she has turned to COVID denialism and lockdown panic in the most ludicrous fashion.

These are all from the past 24 hours!

Are you sure this is not even a *slight* exaggeration Naomi? Like, a smidge? I don’t much care for the concept of vaccine passports either, but wowie.

Sorry trans children, Naomi has seen you and needs you to get out of the way for the children who have to wear a mask. (Trans children are among the children Wolf is concerned about, given that they, y’know, go to school like all other kids, but Wolf appears to think they are a separate species.)

Hmmm, gonna say that “masks actually make things worse” is not something the world’s experience over the past year will confirm.

Finally, a Holocaust reference!!! I was wondering when we’d get here. Lockdowns are Hitler, it’s true. (Also note the weirdo Wuhan lab conspiracy-peddling.)

This is the tip of the iceberg. I feel like we have been sleeping on Wolf’s craziness for far too long while letting other people occupy the stage. She needs her due!