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Please, Fuck Off: This Congressional Dinner


PBS Newshour

What in the what in the what!

No! Are you people crazy??? Indoor dining is not safe?! There is a pandemic and everyone is being told over and over again to socially distance and stay away from their families and Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy are throwing lavish indoor dinners for freaking CONGRESS? The place full of super-old people who are especially vulnerable to COVID? What in the world is WRONG with these people?

I love that Nancy Pelosi and her allies keep saying that Democrats lost because the left is so out of touch and doesn’t get what real people want. Then she turns around and is like “you know what a good thing to do is, throw a huge SOIREE for my fellow rich riches indoors during a pandemic at the same time that I am telling everyone that I love science and understand their sacrifices.” I don’t want to be all “those clowns in Congress” but my goddddddddddddd.

Update, 9:09 p.m. ET: Good!