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Congrats to This Piece of Shit

You don't get points for being one of the better fascists.

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On Wednesday afternoon, Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff for Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security, and one of the main animating forces behind the administration’s family separation policy, announced that he was the “Anonymous” White House insider who laundered his reputation through the lexicon of meaningless resistance jargon and vague promises that things would be even worse if he weren’t around to stop them in a New York Times essay more than two years ago.

To which I say: WHO CARE?

I mean, imagine being the sort of person who actually give a single solitary shit about Taylor — a man who went from tearing babies from their mothers’ arms at DHS to working for the only slightly less-evil Google — outside of demanding that he personally work to reunite each and every separated migrant family, and then he fucks off to the Hague forever and ever.

Taylor, who has been publicly stumping for Joe Biden’s campaign for months, is useful only if you think of him less as a “person who helped write the president’s Muslim travel ban and family separation policy” and more as a case study in how some of the worst members of this administration will try to salvage their post-White House careers and reputations by jumping off a sinking ship and hoping no one remembers what they were doing on board in the first place. Don’t let him get away with it. Don’t put him on Dancing with the Stars. Don’t read his book. Don’t let him act like he’s been a clarion voice of morality when he is still opining that migrant children can’t be reunited with their parents because their parents don’t want them — an argument he made just last week, only days before he thought this would be a compelling case for his candidate of choice:

In fact, if there’s anything resembling an upside to Taylor’s yeeting himself out of anonymity and into the public eye once again, it’s that the reaction across the political spectrum has largely been some combination of “who?” and and “oh, okay, well, fuck him then.”

I mean, Christ, why should anyone care about Taylor’s anonymity when he’s been out there talking extremely underwhelming Pundit Brain shit about Trump for months already.

Let me be clear here. Stymieing the Trump administration is a good thing. More people should do it. What should not happen is the beatification of people who voluntarily worked to help the president transform his worst, most racist inclinations into actual national policies, even if they may have worked to counteract some very specific aspects of those efforts. You don’t get points for being one of the better fascists.

Miles Taylor is no longer anonymous. That’s good. It’s just one more reason to say “fuck you Miles Taylor, you sniveling coward” and then forget he ever existed.