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Meghan McCain Was Beyond Parody Today

She had the most Meghan McCain comment imaginable about the vaccines.

meghan mccain

It’s been a banner day for iconic, Discourse Blog-endorsed morning show The View. That’s because none other than Meghan McCain has been very busy.

The hosts were talking about America’s vaccination program, and McCain, whose father is the currently dead John McCain, had some major issues. She wondered why Anthony Fauci won’t just tell people that everything will be great after they get the vaccine and that they are in no danger anymore.

“I don’t understand the downplaying of getting the vaccine because right now we should be wanting as many Americans as possible to be getting the vaccine,” she said. OK, I actually have some sympathy here! Others have had similar frustrations about the messaging around the vaccine.

Then, McCain, whose father, John McCain, was a U.S. senator, had to go and Meghan it up (emphasis mine):

The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, I don’t know when or how I will be able to get a vaccine because the rollout for my age range and my health is so nebulous. I have no idea when and how I can get it. I want to get it. If you call me at three o’clock in the morning, I will go anyplace at any time to get it.

Wow, such powerful “don’t you know who I AM?” energy. Meghan McCain is not only John McCain’s daughter, she is the freaking co-host of The View! That’s VIP shit OK? She should be getting all the secret info they’re not telling the rest of us. Co-hosts of The View deserve to know!

Or maybe she is saying that, as a co-host of The View, she is on a higher intellectual and societal plane than the rest of us, so the fact that such an elite member of society can’t figure this stuff out really says how bad things are. If the proles were confused that would be one thing. But talk show hosts are the aristocracy! Especially ones who are connected to John McCain, America’s greatest patriot.

I don’t really know what to tell Meghan McCain, other than that she just has to wait with the rest of us. I am not thrilled with the vaccine rollout either but I’m pretty sure Meghan will know when she’s eligible. There will be an announcement and everything. Also there is a whole website in New York, where I…presume? Meghan is? where you put in your info and they tell you whether you’re eligible. I know this because I keep doing it like a crazy person even though I know it will not tell me anything new. Just look there Meghan!

The sun rises, the sun sets, and Meghan McCain, daughter of John, says some weird shit. Life goes on.