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Congrats to Marjorie Taylor Greene for Somehow Fucking Up a Holocaust Apology

So close.

Screenshot / Twitter

Please join me in congratulating Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for taking what should have been a slam dunk of a straightforward public apology, and somehow managing to fuck things up even worse. It’s the sort of talent that takes a certain kind of angry hornet’s nest of a brain, and frankly, to me, that’s what makes MTG so special.

“I have made a mistake and it’s really bothered me for a couple of weeks now, and so I definitely want to own it,” Greene announced during a press conference outside the U.S. Capitol Building on Monday, ostensibly to apologize for comparing coronavirus mask mandates and vaccine “passports” to the experience of German Jews living in Nazi Germany.

“This afternoon, I visited the Holocaust Museum,” she continued. “The Holocaust is… there’s nothing comparable to it…it happened, and, you know, over six million Jewish people were murdered.”

Greene’s remarks are notable in that they’re some of the very few public statements of hers that are factually correct. She did, in fact, visit the Holocaust Museum, and over six million Jewish people were, indeed, murdered. Congratulations to this United States congresswoman who, at the vernal age of just 47-years-young, has opened her perfectly smooth brain to the possibility that there may be a slight difference between wearing a thin layer of protective medical gear, and shipping millions of people off to die in a gas chamber.

But, uh oh, has she really internalized the lessons of the Holocaust Museum? Particularly the part about how, as the museum itself explains, Nazis pledged “to restore German cultural values” and initially “downplayed antisemitism and instead emphasized anti-communism” — you know, the sort of thing she herself did just last month?

Asked whether she’d also apologize for comparing Democrats to literal Nazis, Greene instead offered, uh, this:

You know, socialism is extremely dangerous, and so is communism. And anytime a government moves into policies where there’s more control and there’s freedoms taken away, yes, that’s a danger for everyone. And I think that’s something that we should all be wary of. Anytime you have things like censorship with social media. Anytime where we have things being taught where one race is being told it is racist like critical race theory, those are problems. Those are things we are seeing and policies coming out of the Democratic party that I think are dangerous for everyone and that why I’m against them and I’ll never stop saying I’m very much on track and never stop saying we have to save America and stop socialism.

Greene’s bungled sorry-not-sorry apology for one particular Holocaust comparison is diluted even further when you consider that she has not, to date, apologized for speculating about Jewish space lasers, “Zionist supremacists” working to replace white Europeans with immigrants, and a shadowy cabal of child murderers working in Satan’s service.

“OK,” I hear you saying, “but maybe she’s really trying now!” (Yes, I’m talking to the many MTG fans who read Discourse Blog.) Let’s take a look at what she’s up to today! Surely she will be treading a more cautious path and—

Smearing Ilhan Omar and hanging out with Steve Bannon! Yep, she’s turned over a new leaf. Ah well, I’m sure another brief museum visit will clear things up, right? Right?