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Welcome to, a new…project (?) brought to you by the former staff of Splinter.

What’s transpired in the last six months of politics—the sandbagging of Bernie Sanders, the perilous ascent of Joe Biden, the catastrophically inept (and potentially criminal) response to the coronavirus pandemic from Washington—has been painful (and annoying!) to watch without a proper venue to comment on what’s happened. So as we stared down what could be months of social isolation, we felt compelled to act on our basest instinct: to post. And now here we are, blogging once more into the ether.

This is a true labor of love at the moment; none of us are being paid to do this. We’re doing it because we thought it would be fun to work together again, we have months of blogs in all of us dying to be published, and well, what else are we going to do? The rough, highly changeable plan is to publish two to three times a day, for however long we want to keep doing this. (That said! If you want to pay us to do this….let me know.) The hope is to bring you a pared down, snack-size version of what we used to do: fun, thoughtful, and rude posts about politics, “politics,” and Politics (or whatever else is on our minds).

We’re in the convertible, the top is down, and we’re all holding hands. We’re gonna keep going until there’s no more road. See you online.