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I Know What I Googled This Summer

What have I been up to? Let my search history lead the way!

As I look back at my summer, I cannot help but wonder, what have I actually done these past three months? Like everyone else whose life has been uprooted by the pandemic, my summer 2020 roadmap was originally punctuated with weddings and family visits and trips to the pool. Instead, I am left to guesstimate how many times I’ve actually left the house.

What was I so busy with the past three months, other than throwing myself into my work and making meal plans with my boyfriend that we’d scrap last minute for socially-distanced takeout? Loyal Discourse Blog readers will know that I have nary a journal entry to look back on. But luckily for us, my Google search history is readily available for review!

Without further ado, here is a cursory but fun (“fun”) offering of my non-work-related Google searches from Summer 2020, with some explanation provided:

May 15 – heart to break lip sync

May 15 – qatari government budget

May 15 – how to make homemade pizza less soggy

May 18 – karl rove “racist”

May 18 – breast pain 10 months postpartum (I was googling this for a friend who is a mom, OK.)

May 18 – journalism diversity sham

May 19 – ftc Alternative Physical Address Ideas

May 20 – pelosi doggy doo

May 20 – jia tolentino parents Red Scare subreddit

May 21 – ru paul fracking

May 21 – rupaul watched a guy drown buzzdeed

May 21 – ru paul addresses watching a guy drown (RuPaul talked about watching a man’s boat capsize in the context of justifying the closure of gay clubs in NYC? Was this a metaphor? Did he actually just watch this guy maybe drown? Incredibly wild.)

May 21 – filipino diaspora

May 21 – how to get cares act money as self employed

May 21 – ben affleck back tattoo

May 22 – tame impala, frank c. erwin, jr., special events center

May 24 – how to better air fry chicken wings

May 25 – shangela coronavirus meme (For a short time I believed that Cardi B’s “coronavirus” soundbite was said by Shangela. I regret this error.)

May 26 – this is us blind baby eyes “cgi” (The baby in This Is Us isn’t blind, and its eyes are edited, I’m almost entirely sure.)

May 26 – Erin Grau person of color

May 27 – amy cooper munchausen by proxy

June 1 – how to speed up audio in quicktime (Still looking for solutions to this, thanks for your tips in advance.)

June 1 – gwen stefani long way to go (Sorry, sorry, my boyfriend hadn’t heard this wild ride of a song so I had to share it with him.)

June 3 – why is gold jewelry bad (“Bad.” If I recall correctly, it is because of racism.)

June 4 – 20 year old austin critical condition

June 5 – joshua howell

June 5 – bari weiss age

June 6 – mayhem miller meme

June 9 – Brett Hankison sexual assault

June 9 – names that start with c end with n

June 9 – how to shave a cat’s matted fur

June 10 – rubber bullet speed miles per hour

June 15 – degrassi dave unexplained departure

June 16 – Levi Ayala update

June 16 – trains flag -paul -ru

June 18 – how many cases of coronavirus before a restaurant must close

June 19 – how to pronounce bipoc (Trust I already knew how to pronounce BIPOC!!! I just wanted to make sure… You know, like the two pronunciations of DACA.)

June 23 – tina fey racist blackface asians

June 24 – good grilled cheese

June 25 – giant golden-crowned flying fox

June 25 – how long to bake personal pizza

June 27 – can you cook ribs with the membrane on

June 29 – “anti-slavery broadsheet”

June 30 – noname dragged for capitalism

June 30 – al gore rhythm kimmy schmidt

July 1 – how to buckle a dog in the car

July 1 – obama’s pastor

July 2 – Beto O’Rourke

July 2 – mailchimp werrrk

July 2 – faint sweet smell coming from air vents in house (Jury is still out on this one!!!)

July 6 – “ruka’s lawyer”

July 6 – Why did Shion and Tsubasa break up

July 7 – why does a candle pop when you first light. it

July 9 – Lindsay Lohan speak album art

July 13 – therapy vibrating sensors in hands

July 15 – best isaac chotiner interviews

July 16 – history of twitter blue checks verification

July 18 – fig recipes

July 18 – how to save iphone headphones washed

July 18 – journalism story surgeon and wife no coffee (Also still searching for this longform story about a surgeon, please and thank you.)

July 21 – fuck them kids

July 21 – somebody toucha my spaghet

July 22 – jessica williams girls hbo

July 24 – national newsroom layoffs restructuring pandemic

July 24 – two folklore albums taylor swift spotify

July 25 – how to sit on an ergonomic office work stool

July 28 – Diet Prada ripping off masks

July 28 – why do cats shake their tails

July 28 – what happened to my spotify username

July 28 – how republicans became pro life

July 29 – automatic emails breonna taylor filtered

July 30 – tool for opening and. closing air vents

July 30 – camouflage gaiters (Until this search I wasn’t aware of what a “gaiter” was used for, thank you for your patience.)

July 30 – Angela Anaconda

July 30 – please don’t make me vote for joe biden tiktok


August 4 – tori brad the challenge

August 5 – community refrigerator near me

August 7 – brie larson alyssa limperis nissan sentra

August 9 – how to wash a visor in washing machine

August 11 – scientists predict mummy’s voice

August 11 – cat diet calculator

Screenshots via Google; Remix by Samantha Grasso