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Here Are Eight Democratic Senators Who Can Go to Hell

These people all just voted against a $15 minimum wage. Remember their names!

senate minimum wage
Jon Tester; Maggie Hassan; Joe Manchin; Tom Carper; Kyrsten Sinema; Angus King; Jeanne Shaheen; Chris Coons

What do Sens. Tom Carper, Chris Coons, Joe Manchin, Kyrsten Sinema, Jon Tester, Maggie Hassan, Angus King, and Jeanne Shaheen have in common?

They are all Senate Democrats* who just voted against an effort by Sen. Bernie Sanders to add a provision for a $15 minimum wage to the Senate’s COVID relief bill. They looked at the prospect of lifting the poverty wages of tens of millions of people and went “LOL nope.”


Democrats Don’t Want to Raise the Minimum Wage

Sinema didn’t even put her bag down. She had some pep in her step:

The Democratic Party, everyone! And now Joe Manchin is doing his thing again:

Hahahahahahahahahahaha we’re so screwed. These people can go straaaaaaaaight to hell!

*Technically, King is an independent, but he caucuses with the Democrats and votes with them approximately all the time, so sorry, he counts!