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Bird of the Week

Birds of the Week: Spoooooooooooooooooky Discourse Blog Birds!

Happy Blogoween :)

Hello! In case you weren’t aware, I am someone a better person would call a “Halloween Adult,” someone who clings to the childlike-wonder that is Halloween. Leaning into this, I decided to revamp (pun intended) our beloved bird and dress her (?) up in good old-fashioned Halloween costumes! I’ve missed making art for the site, and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to remind everyone that Graphic Design Is My Passion.

So, for this Halloween Bird of the Week, here are five of my beloved birds, all dressed up for a night on the town! No, I do not care what you do with them, so long as you do not desecrate their image, because they are so precious. Think of them as collectible milk bottle caps (I remember playing a computer version of this game when I was a child, so apologies if this was not actually a thing). Or, better yet, like special edition Discourse Blog trading cards but in this hypothetical game Bride of Frankenstein beats skeleton, and Jack-o-Lantern is the most powerful of them all.

OK! I leave you now with my precious Halloween birds. Have a good rest of your week folks, and may the gods and goddesses of Halloween smile upon thee.