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The Discourse Blog Discord is Now Live

Welcome to our other new home on the internet.

Illustration by Angelica Alzona/Graphic by Samantha Grasso

Hello. As most of you know by now, we’ve been running a private Discord server for subscribers to chat during our past two live-streamed events. After the vice presidential debate, a lot of you asked about keeping the server open full-time, to build a community that’s not strictly tied to occasional interactions in the comments section.

That presents a few issues, of course: we need to make sure that the community we build in Discord is reflective of the politics we support and the values we share. To do so, we needed a little help.

Meet Your Moderators

To manage the channel while our staff is off blogging, we selected four community moderators, one or more of whom will be generally online to field questions and keep things friendly most of the time.

Courtney C (crtnycldwll) works in the spreadsheet mines, which means she mostly spends her day on Discord. On the off chance she logs off, she can usually be found at a lake, with her three chihuahuas, or watching horror movies.

Sam T (strilling7) is a writer, editor, and one of your lovely mods. He likes to talk about corruption, Russia, Central Asia, Dota, and spicy foods.

Nicole V (nicoleverto) lives in California but is not of it. She’s usually down to talk subcultures (especially punk), critical theory, and art.

Matt B (Matt B) works in politics, is a new brand new dad, and wants to start running again.

The mod gang all has gold names in the Discord chat. If you run into any issues, just check the sidebar and message one of us there.

The Details

Starting today, Discord access is a perk for subscribers at the Capitalist tier. If you’re an existing subscriber from Substack, you’ve automatically been bumped up to that tier. You can read more about our subscription tier system here. If you sign up for that tier, you’ll receive an email with an invite code and instructions for getting into the Discord. Check your spam folder in case you don’t see an email in your inbox. If you have any issues, you can email for help.

What’s Next?

The goal is to turn Discord into another home on the internet for readers of the site. Part of why our jobs are so fun is that most of the day, we’re just hanging out. Even before the pandemic, a lot of our culture and best story ideas came from sometimes dumb, sometimes sharp conversations in our Slack workspace. It’s where we share jokes, the first place we go to when something stupid or terrible or amazing happens, and where we often get into work-halting arguments about topics that are so incredibly stupid I don’t really want to list them here. The idea is that with Discord, we can share a space like that with you, and give subscribers who directly support the site a creative, collaborative space like the one that keeps the site running.

Right now, we’re collecting ideas for new channels in the #channel-suggestions room, which should give the space some designated places for posting specific stuff — everything from mutual aid drives to recipes or just good old pet photos. Along the way, we’re going to need some input fine-tuning our server rules, and the goal is to eventually start doing occasional livestreams, article discussions, game nights, and more.

So we’d love it if you’d drop by, and maybe stay a while. Get to know each other, get to thinking and joking and scheming, and who knows what we’ll be able to do.