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You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding Me


The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are supposed to be leading the big charge against Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett. They are supposed to be reminding the country that Barrett is a fanatic, and that basic civil rights are in danger, and that this nomination should not be happening.

Which leads me to ask: what the fuck has Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the committee, been up to?

Feinstein is supposed to be at the forefront of her party’s takedown of this nomination. Before the hearings, Washington was alight with stories about how worried Democrats were about Feinstein’s ability to handle the task in front of her. Multiple articles hinted that the 87-year-old had, shall we say, lost a step, and that her colleagues were bracing themselves for her to screw up the Barrett hearings.

Well, Feinstein sure came through! Along with the rest of her party, she made sure to gamely work through the arguments against Barrett, but she kept undermining that message to an insane extent. Here’s how she previewed her approach to the hearings:

Oooh, not business as usual, tough stuff! Weird, then, that Feinstein kept doing things like this:

Yes, that is the Senate Republican Twitter account sharing a video of the top Democratic senator being nice to their nominee and telling her that she is SO smart. Maybe that’s not a great sign???

There’s more where that came from:

Dianne…can you not??? Nice to be polite, sure, but the whole POINT of this affair is that it’s a rotten scandal, and the more that Democrats talk about how brilliant Barrett seems and how beautiful her family is, the more she starts to feel like just another nice judge who’s maybe not so bad.

Feinstein saved the best for last, though. Remember that bit about how the hearings shouldn’t be happening? Smash cut to this afternoon, when the hearings wrapped up:

You gotta be fucking KIDDING me. Like….as;dlkfjsd;f sorry my brain just shorted out. I guess actually the hearings should have happened and Dianne Feinstein had an awesome time!!!!! God bless Lindsey Graham!

OK, well at least it doesn’t get wor—


Also Lindsey Graham maybe still has COVID, Dianne. So…good job hugging him. Without a mask. At the age of 87.

Get her OUT of here please. Democrats, you’ve done it again!