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Pour One Out for Bill Gates and Pfizer

The announcement that the U.S. supports a waiver on COVID vaccine patents has hit these beloved pillars of society hard.

Bill Gates on '60 Minutes'
CBS News

Today is a very sad day for some of our most beloved citizens and organizations.

After coming under intense and sustained pressure to not be monsters, the Biden administration finally decided it was going to take a bit of a step towards the “more people not dying from COVID might be good” side of the debate over global vaccine distribution:

Even though we still have no idea what shape this waiver will take, the wonderful folks over at Big Pharma had a bit of a meltdown:

You know it’s a good system when a drug company’s stock price takes a plunge on the news that it might have to help save more lives than it intended. Sorry about that, Pfizer 🙁

We should also pour one out for Bill Gates, who is having a really tough week. Last week, Gates was a married man who was as committed to his wife as he was to his other love—ensuring that mega-rich drug companies never had to part way with their intellectual property, even during a historically bad pandemic. What a difference a few days made. Bill is probably sitting alone in his 66,000-square-foot mansion, gazing first at a picture of Melinda and then at a picture of a note from the CEO of Moderna explaining to the government of South Africa why it was sadly not possible to share vaccine technology, and wondering just what went wrong.

Our condolences to these pillars of society at this sad time.