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Bad Online

Make America Cringe Again

Let's not do this please.

Screenshot / PBS Newshour, YouTube

Perhaps you’ve heard? Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States. We’ve entered the era of Joe Biden, and *POOF* just like that all of America’s problems have been solved. Congratulations everyone, we did it!

Okay, clearly that’s bullshit. As Jack put it so wonderfully this morning :”one battle is over, and another one begins.” Just because there’s no longer a FREAKING CHEETO in the White House doesn’t mean we’ve run out of injustices to fight, and worthwhile causes to champion. If anything, the need to keep pushing for more and better is all the more urgent now, since so many risk getting complacent in the absence of such a caricatured evil as Donald Trump.

Already, a quick glance at the cursed cesspools of Twitter (never a good idea even under the best circumstances) shows just how insufferable and insane the next four years could be.

Biden’s inauguration itself was an example of the bonkers energy that’s suddenly gripped the nation—especially Jennifer Lopez’s decision to insert a lyric from HER OWN SONG into a medley of patriotic anthems:

From then on, the floodgates were open. The energy quickly moved from off-kilter to fully cursed, as a cascade of proud #Resistance tweeters pivoting from alarmist “this is NOT normal” to self-congratulator “this is SO normal” in unison ominously swung into action:

If anything, boring is what people will take as permission to stop caring and go back to brunch.

Were you crying at how normal this all is? No? Well you are now.

You. Are. Now.

Finally we can get back to pretending like everything’s hunky dory, and that the United States simply spent the past four years on a weird vacation.

Absolutely not.

My brain is just TV static now.


Then there were the garden-variety pure uncut cringe posts.

Okay, I think we’re done here.

Look, I get it. Really I do. Orange man bad. Bad man gone. It’s okay to be happy! I know I sure am. But please, can we just do…I don’t know… Not this. The next four years are going to be long enough as it is.