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It’s Almost Like Lefty Dems Have Some Good Political Ideas

Weird how when Democrats started pushing an AOC/Bernie policy, it went well for them!


I don’t have that much to add about the unfolding drama in Washington around $2,000 stimulus checks (which, despite what supposedly intelligent people say, are a straightforwardly good thing) except this: it’s interesting that when Democrats started pushing a policy they could have been pushing all along if they had been listening to their left-wing members like AOC and Rashida Tlaib instead of trying to constantly destroy them; and started letting people like Bernie Sanders drive their campaigning on stimulus checks; and started actually putting pressure on Republicans instead of lauding the shitty deals they cut with them, the politics around the stimulus started to change! Like, a lot! In ways that are benefitting the Democrats!

Weird, huh??? Maybe next time Democrats will, y’know, listen to AOC and Rashida Tlaib and Bernie Sanders from the beginning instead of waiting for Donald Trump to launch a pressure campaign for a policy that should have been in the mix all along! LOL I know who am I kidding.