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It Is With a Heavy Heart That I Announce the Death of the Bernie Meme

It burned brightly, and now it has been killed. RIP.

bernie meme dead
Bernie Sanders

The Bernie Sanders memes have been fun, but I am sorry to say that the time has come to put them away. The meme is dead now. It’s been smothered with a pillow, we must move on.

Many memes, especially political memes, wind up going through this life cycle, but the Bernie mittens meme (which, to be clear, Discourse Blog has attempted to capitalize on as much as anyone else) has blazed through all of the required phases at bewildering speed.

Phase 1: the “it’s fun!” phase. There were some great memes out there this week. Bernie looked funny sitting in the chair like that and holding the envelope. The mittens were good too. We laughed, it was nice!

Phase 2: the “alright, this is losing altitude a little, but still fine” phase. Bernie was made to weigh in on the meme. Places started doing merch with the meme. A zillion groups and people and news outlets (including, yes, us) tried their hand at viral glory. (Ours didn’t go far lol.) Someone did a meme generator so anyone could meme Bernie anywhere anytime. Nothing too terrible, just a meme burning brightly for a little while.

Phase 3 (the phase that we are currently in): the “uh-oh” phase. OK, now the meme is sagging under the weight of everything being placed on its spindly little shoulders. The meme is a symbol of misogyny! Wait, no, it’s not a symbol of anything, but being critical about the meme is maybe anti-Semitism! Wait, no, the real anti-Semitism is if you do a positive Bernie meme but in the improper way! And now Bernie is using the meme for his own (charitable) merch, and yep, we’re done here.

The meme was just a meme. It was one old and cold man sitting amid a sea of other old and cold people, no more, no less. It was then dragged relentlessly through the internet machine and now it has expired. No more Bernie memes, no more Bernie meme takes, no more any of it please. RIP.