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GOP Handles Capitol Siege Aftermath With Usual Awfulness

Please release us from this hell.

ben sasse
PBS Newshour

You would think that members of Congress, especially Republican members of Congress, would want to just calmly and quietly wrap up the certification of the presidential election that was derailed on Wednesday by the small matter of the Trump-inspired siege of the Capitol. Nope! Instead we are getting an endless series of stupid nonsense. It’s in the congressional bloodstream, clearly.

First, there are the raging hypocrites who were all set to object to the certification but suddenly discovered that the supposed electoral fraud they were so worried about wasn’t such a big deal after all. Electoral fraud is a deeply serious matter, but I guess the embarrassment of a rampaging mob convinced these people that everything was fine! Weird how that works.

Among the people making a screeching U-turn: Oklahoma’s James Lankford. Hours ago, he was resolute! The election must be investigated! Then…never mind.

Then we got Kelly Loeffler, who just lost her race in Georgia but was still going to object to the results. Whoops, what she really meant was that it was all good now.

It’s almost as if these people never took the issue of electoral fraud seriously and were only using it as a political tool, because there has been no evidence of electoral fraud!

Others are still riding that train, like Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley.

The winner of the most annoying prize, though, was Nebraska’s Ben Sasse. Oh my good lord sweet christ. This asshole decided that what we all really needed was some smarmy-as-hell riffs on America and apple pie. He talked about visiting widows, “kicking Hitler’s ass,” going to the moon? At one point he said, “shovel your neighbor.”

Also some fun jokes! A woman literally died today at the Capitol, but Ben is here all week!

Please release us from this hell.