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Katherine Krueger


We Will Never Escape EMAILS

The Hunter Biden news shows that all that's certain in this life is death, taxes, and emails.

hunter biden

Ain’t That America

We're living in a failed state. Pretending otherwise just shows you've lost the plot.

They Really Think We’re All Idiots

Liberals bashing the left will always be in style, especially if it looks like we're winning.

Why They’re Not Calling It a Strike

Acknowledging that most of us are workers and workers can withhold their labor is a stark challenge to the status quo. It also doesn't happen all that often.

Battle of the Extremely Bad Brains

Will Joe Biden 'hurt God'? Are you a 'junkie'??

Have We Reached Peak ‘Never Tweet’?

Rarely have the rewards been so paltry and the pitfalls so deep.

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Mindless TV Is the Answer You Seek

Everywhere you look is another bad thing, still. Watching garbage can help.


Choose Your Hill Wisely

Make sure the cause you wish to be remembered for is a worthy one, unlike these idiots.

We’re All Bosses Now

The app culture gives everyone a chance to trace, track, and tyrannize workers — even in a pandemic.

TikTok Is A Terrible Cooking App

I'm currently 0/3 for viral video recipe successes. Don't be like me.

We’re Never Going Back to ‘Normal’

It never existed, and it's sure as hell not coming back.