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Katherine Krueger


Please, Fuck Off: Ben Shapiro and Politico

If I never hear the name Ben Shapiro again for as long as I live, it'll be too soon.

ben shapiro politico

RIP to the World’s Greatest Poster of All Time, @RealDonaldTrump

Goodnight, sweet prince.

donald trump suspended

You Really, Really Don’t Need to Talk About Stacey Abrams Like This

There are ways to celebrate Stacey Abrams' work in Georgia and then there's....whatever this is.

The Year In Winners and Losers

The rich stay winning, the rest of us keep losing.

2020 winners and losers

It’s OK to Call Bad People Mean Words

The awful people might get mad, but it doesn't matter. They're awful people!

Who’s More Famous: The Rock or Ellen?

A question for the ages.

the rock ellen

Reaping What You Sow Kind of Sucks, Huh?

Can you stoke allegations of voting fraud and GOTV? Trump is trying to have it both ways, yet again.

No Seriously, Fuck You, Andrew Cuomo

We know how this went the first time. We can't let it happen again.

Look at This Absolute Loser

Witness the whining and moaning of an old and increasingly irrelevant man.

Donald Trump in the White House briefing room

Just Some Things I’m Laughing At Today

It's helping!

Trump maga fans sing and hold signs



We Will Never Escape EMAILS

The Hunter Biden news shows that all that's certain in this life is death, taxes, and emails.

hunter biden

Ain’t That America

We're living in a failed state. Pretending otherwise just shows you've lost the plot.

Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

Has nothing changed since 2016?

They Really Think We’re All Idiots

Liberals bashing the left will always be in style, especially if it looks like we're winning.

Why They’re Not Calling It a Strike

Acknowledging that most of us are workers and workers can withhold their labor is a stark challenge to the status quo. It also doesn't happen all that often.

A Definitive Ranking of How Much Each State’s DNC Roll Call Felt Like a David Lynch Movie

Another deeply weird night at the Big Dance.

Battle of the Extremely Bad Brains

Will Joe Biden 'hurt God'? Are you a 'junkie'??

Have We Reached Peak ‘Never Tweet’?

Rarely have the rewards been so paltry and the pitfalls so deep.

Mindless TV Is the Answer You Seek

Everywhere you look is another bad thing, still. Watching garbage can help.

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