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Andrew Sullivan Is Doing Jew Shit Again

You can practically feel the calipers.

Andrew Sullivan
The Whole Truth With David Eisenhower

Well, Andrew Sullivan is doing his thing again. By his thing, of course, I mean his thing where he just wonders aloud about how maybe there are fixed biological differences between the races, you know, for science and those other kinds of purposes.

Sullivan has been doing this patently racist stuff, unrepentantly, for nearly 30 years. Every few months, he pops up and muses aloud about whether some races are genetically inferior to others, just to ask questions! And now he’s deep in another round:

“I hate eugenics, BUT” is a Hall of Fame Andrew Sullivan sentence. “Eugenics, bad obviously, BUT let’s go where the ‘facts’ take us….” Charming!

There’s no need to get too deeply into this stuff where Sullivan is concerned. We know who he is. But my Jewish eye was drawn to one of his responses:

You can practically feel the calipers in this tweet. I love when people also specify which kind of Jew they’re talking about. (“No, sorry, I mean the especially Holocausted Jew.”) You will not be surprised that this is an ongoing predilection of Sullivan’s.

Whenever I see things like this, my eyes pop out of my head a little bit. First, people have been asking versions of this stupid question for a million years. Here’s Martin Luther King getting asked it by Mike Wallace in 1966:

WALLACE: Even Sen. Jacob Javits asked the question recently. He said that he was a slum resident, but he and some of his fellow Jews were able to make it out of the ghetto on the lower East Side of New York. The same thing is true with lots of Irish, Italians, and he asked the question why the Negro finds it so difficult to make his own way up out of the ghetto? You did.

KING: Number one, no other racial group has been a slave on American soil. It’s nice to say other people were down and they got up. They were not slaves on American soil. The other thing is that the Negro has had high visibility, and because of the prejudices existing in this country his color has been against him. It’s been against him and they’ve used this to keep him from moving up. In the final analysis, when you say to a man that you are in this position because of your race or because of your color, you say to that man that he can never get out of it. Other racial groups have been able maybe to change their accent or to change their names, but the Negro can’t.

Uh-huh! Or maybe it’s skull shape, you never know.

The second thing is that Sullivan is suffering from what I’d like to call Meghan McCain Syndrome, a term I am inventing right now in honor of its most famous sufferer. Meghan McCain Syndrome (or MMS) occurs when someone who is not Jewish starts discussing Jews in wildly creepy ways while purporting to defend them.

McCain did this most infamously when she granted herself honorary Semitism in order to smear Ilhan Omar with racist and Islamophobic attacks. More recently, the British writer Julie Burchill—last seen having to apologize for libelous and racist attacks on writer Ash Sarkar—published a simply eye-popping book about her love of the chosen people. Like, seriously, read this thread and tell me Burchill is not suffering from an acute case of MMS:



(Gasping for air)

Can I politely ask Andrew Sullivan and the rest of these people to leave the Jews out of their racism???? And go deal with their bullshit in a quiet corner somewhere? Anyway, the Israeli government exists, the “racist Jewish stuff” job has been filled. (I can say it!)

Oh, who am I kidding, there is no known cure for Meghan McCain Syndrome.