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Andrew Cuomo Thinks We’re a Bunch of Idiots

He can't be serious with this nonsense.

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NBC New York

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is in a spot of bother right now. He’s been caught suppressing damning information about the extent of the COVID outbreak in nursing homes and then compounded this problem by (allegedly) privately threatening Assemblyman Ron Kim because Kim committed the crime of criticizing him. (He also leveled vicious public attacks against Kim.) People are not happy about this, and Cuomo has been half-heartedly trying to clean things up in recent days, but it’s not going great.

For instance, Cuomo apparently said this during his news briefing on Friday:

Insert thinking face emoji here. Let me see if I can find any evidence that contradicts this claim from the most powerful person in New York.

(One very simple Google later) here’s like a million examples of Cuomo and the people who represent him and act with his total blessing being thin-skinned and vengeful!

Some tweets:

Now let’s turn to some news reports.

From Politico (emphasis mine):

In private, however, Cuomo has taken a much harsher tone against the [Working Families Party]. Seven people — elected officials and other individuals prominent in state politics — told POLITICO that the governor or his top staff have told them or their close associates in private conversations that he wants to destroy the party. All spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.

“He alternates between ‘we have to kill these people, they’re destructive, they have no ideology … they’re undermining what we’re trying to do’ [and] that they’re completely useless,” one union leader said. “If they’re so useless, you probably wouldn’t want to kill them so much.”

From City & State NY (emphasis mine):

On the night of July 2, 2015, Gov. Andrew Cuomo made it clear to several fellow Democrats that he was about to get even.

Two days earlier, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio had delivered a broadside against the governor. In an exclusive interview with NY1, de Blasio accused Cuomo of failing to support the city’s agenda. […]

Cuomo initially avoided the media, entering through a side door at the Schomburg Center near 135th Street in Harlem. But once inside, all eyes were on Cuomo for a reaction to the mayor’s attack. The governor worked the room, greeting friends and colleagues, shaking hands and making small talk. But according to those who were there, something else also happened, which was unusual and rather candid for Cuomo. Sources say as the governor leaned into some carefully selected attendees he quietly whispered the words, “Revenge is coming.” A spokesperson for the governor denies this was ever actually said. But those who know Cuomo understand exactly what it meant. And anyone who has watched the governor over the last year and a half can attest to the fact that he has fulfilled that very promise.

From New York (emphasis mine):

 The public shaming seemed as much about rubbing de Blasio’s nose in the mess as it was about helping people who live in shabby public-housing complexes. “Andrew is vindictive,” a Democratic strategist says. “He wants to punish people. And he gets joy out of that.”

The governor, however, strenuously disputes that notion. “There is no ‘they’ who really knows me, who is out there talking to anybody. It’s all baloney,” Cuomo says. “I’ve worked very hard at getting to a place in life where I just let it alone. I just give it up. Just release past transgressions, conflicts. It’s just not worth it. People are complicated little things, and life is too short. I don’t think I have any ongoing anything with anybody right now.” Well, other than de Blasio. When I ask if maybe he would be better off not punching at the mayor, Cuomo snaps forward in his chair. “He started with me first!”

From Politico again (emphasis mine):

The cajoling can drag on for the better part of an hour and is typically heavily one-sided as the governor expounds on his belief that his position is the correct one, according to people who have been on the receiving end of those calls. Calls from his aides can play out in similar fashion.

Privately, many will recount all manner of vitriol sent their way by people in Cuomoworld that they find unsettling and beyond what they encounter elsewhere in a state redolent with tough-talk. […]

The disproportionate responses to anodyne disagreements and an unrelenting insistence on control have at times drawn unflattering comparisons to former Presidents Donald Trump and Richard Nixon, among others.

Weird how roughly a million people seem to think differently than Andrew Cuomo does about his personality and conduct. He must think we are just the stupidest people in the world.