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Both Cuomos Get Out

No more wasting our time. Just go.

Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo speak on CNN during Chris Cuomo's primetime show.
CNN Screenshot / YouTube

New York State Attorney General Letitia James released the much-anticipated results of her longstanding investigation into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s alleged patterns of sexual harassment and intimidation on Tuesday. The 168-page report determined that Cuomo harassed at least 11 women, one of whom he retaliated against after she went public with her allegations. It also concluded that Cuomo had violated state and federal laws, as well as his own internal office policies.

The report is damning in its detail, and overwhelming in its consistency: For years, investigators found, Cuomo has seemingly used his office to pray upon multiple women — including a New York state trooper — while fostering an environment of intimidation and silence.

And yet! Somehow, at this very minute while I sit writing this, Andrew Cuomo remains governor of New York State. Despite our unambiguous directive this past March, Cuomo was not impeached when the allegations first became public. And while momentum is once again growing to impeach him the fuck outta office, he remains, as of this moment, very much In.

And so, the time has come (again) for us to demand that Andrew Cuomo get the hell out. Now. Immediately. No wasting time, or slow walking, or “I’m gonna fight this” machismo chest-thumping. Just get out. Fuckity bye.

Unfortunately, there is no sign he will do that. Instead, he released a stomach-turning video on Tuesday in which he denied that he had ever behaved inappropriately, said that the investigation against him was politically motivated, claimed that the women who had accused him of misconduct had simply misunderstood him, used a family member’s trauma to portray himself as sensitive and empathetic to sexual assault survivors, and even presented a slideshow of himself kissing various people in public as a way to show that his conduct with his staffers was part of an innocent pattern.

Since Cuomo won’t resign, the next step is clear: he must be impeached. If anyone deserved to be fired from their job, it’s him.

Speaking of being fired, has CNN fired Chris Cuomo, the governor’s younger brother, on-air chum, and behind-the-scenes adviser yet? Because, if they haven’t, they really should. I mean, to be honest, they really should have fired him months ago, when it became painfully obvious that he shouldn’t — and couldn’t — cover his brother with anything in the vicinity of journalistic integrity. But as James’ report makes perfectly clear, Chris Cuomo’s role in his brother’s administration went well beyond simply giving him a national cable news platform with which to project an image of folksy competence. In fact, Chris was busy working directly with his brother’s political team to directly respond to the sexual harassment allegations, going so far as to seemingly draft an “aw shucks, I’m just a silly billy goofball who maybe went a little too far with my harmless horseplay” statement after one of Andrew’s accusers came forward. He also encouraged his brother’s brain trust of political ghouls to “make sure we have enough contrition.

How on earth can CNN justify having this guy on air when everything that comes out of his mouth from this point on is irrevocably tainted by his apparent moonlighting as a PR flack for the Governor of New York State? Clearly they can’t. The only reasonable option for the network is to pull him off the air, and outta sight.

Meanwhile, James has pointedly refused to say whether Andrew Cuomo should be charged with a crime for his many, many alleged instances of obviously criminal behavior. Perhaps she’s trying to avoid looking like her investigation is politically motivated. Perhaps she has an eye on higher elected office in the future. The point is, Andrew Cuomo has yet to face any real consequences for his actions, but that time is over. You don’t need to be convicted of a crime to be obviously unfit for office, as he very clearly is.

Andrew Cuomo, get the fuck out of here, and take your little brother with you.