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Discourse Blog is a leftist politics and culture site.

We started this as a group of friends who just wanted to keep blogging with each other after our last site got shut down. We launched a little free WordPress site on a whim and told each other we’d just see what happened. Now we have the beautiful website you are currently looking at, and one of the best communities of subscribers and supporters anywhere around.

We operate as a fully worker-owned, independent collective. We write a lot about: political movements, uprisings, the woeful Democratic establishment, the conservative death cult, bad journalism, bad bosses, workers, online nonsense, and, naturally, the discourse. We also just like getting weird or personal. Most of all, we like staying true to ourselves and the things we believe in, and doing it all without any corporate bosses.

(Note: We are not associated with Discourse, the open source project.)


Paul Blest writes about labor, politics, labor politics, and more. He was previously a news editor at Splinter, has written for outlets including The Nation and The American Prospect, and currently works as an A.M. reporter for VICE News.

📍 Raleigh | | Twitter

📖 “When the Uprising Comes to Town”

How Graham, North Carolina (pop. 15,000) is reckoning with its Confederate monument.

Aleksander Chan is the publisher of Discourse Blog. He was previously the editor in chief of Splinter and an editor at Fusion, Gawker, and the Gothamist network.

📍 New York | | Twitter

📖 “The Teen Vogue Mess Is What Happens When Bosses Don’t Listen

Condé Nast’s catastrophic mishandling of Alexi McCammond’s hiring as the editor of Teen Vogue is what happens when management doesn’t respect its employees.

Jack Crosbie writes about conflict, politics, and the media. He was previously a contributing writer at Splinter, and has written for Rolling Stone and The Atlantic.

📍 New York | | Twitter

📖 “We’re Not Better Than This

So many people were unprepared for the U.S. Capitol siege because they still believed in the American myth.

Samantha Grasso is the head of design and writes about social justice, pop culture, and Texas for Discourse Blog. She was previously a staff writer for Splinter. She also writes for subtext by AJ+, and has also written for Vox, The Texas Observer, and the Daily Dot.

📍 Austin | | Twitter

📖 “You’ve Been Watching Army Propaganda This Entire Time

How an old MTV reality show opened my eyes about the military’s iron grip on our culture.

Katherine Krueger writes about politics and culture for Discourse Blog. She was previously the managing editor of Splinter. She is the features editor for and has worked at Fusion, Talking Points Memo, and The Guardian.

📍 New York | | Twitter

📖 “It’s OK to Call Bad People Mean Words

The awful people might get mad, but it doesn’t matter. They’re awful people!

Jack Mirkinson is the editor of Discourse Blog, where he also blogs about politics and the media. He was previously the deputy editor of Splinter and has worked at Fusion and HuffPost, among other places.

📍 New York | | Twitter

📖 “Which Side Are You On?

It’s the people versus the cops. You have to choose.

Caitlin Schneider writes about the internet, politics, and the media for Discourse Blog. She is also a senior social editor at VICE and was previously the social editor at Splinter.

📍 Los Angeles | | Twitter

📖 “A ‘Return to Normalcy’ Should Scare You

The rapturous praise for ‘boring’ and ‘normal’ President Biden proves that we didn’t learn anything from the Trump presidency.

Rafi Schwartz writes about social justice, protest movements, and the weirder corners of the internet. He was previously a senior writer at Splinter, and has been published in Rolling Stone, Good, Mic, and Heeb Magazine.

📍 Twin Cities | | Twitter 

📖 “Let Me Tell You About My Heart

Or, how some people tried to un-fuck my fairly fucked-up organ.

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