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We don't have to do 2024 stuff yet!!!! I refuse!

Mike Pompeo speaks at the Westside Conservative Club
Mike Pompeo speaks at the Westside Conservative Club
YouTube/ We are Iowa Local 5 News

Today a bunch of Republicans are beginning to show up in Iowa to start feeling out their chances for the party’s 2024 presidential candidacy. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the first, but in the coming weeks, according to the AP, Florida Senator Rick Scott, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton are all planning to visit the state.

Because of that, we have this:

C-SPAN also began its 2024 coverage today, covering Pompeo’s visit.

There is only one reasonable response to this. Please, God, no. No no no no no. Fuck no. No! No thank you. No, I don’t think I will. Well, that’s nice for them, but nope! Nah. Let’s not do this right now! Maybe not.

Most coverage of this early Republican push acknowledges that all of this is largely stupid because Donald Trump has not said whether or not he’s running yet. He probably won’t until after the 2022 midterms, which, if the Democrats get crushed, he will almost certainly jump in. We also don’t know if Biden will for sure seek a second term—he was asked two separate times about it during his press conference on Thursday, and left the door slightly open not to run—which means that oh my god I’m doing it too aren’t I? Aren’t I? I’m doing 2024 analysis! Kill me!! Fuck! No!!!!


Elections in the United States are far, far too long. Back at Splinter we covered the Democratic primary for a full year and then they killed the site and we did nothing for six months and then started Discourse Blog, by which time the primaries were still fucking going. This is not how an election should work! We should not be thinking about this now. No! Fuck this! I refuse! Eat shit Mike Pompeo! Eat shit MSNBC! Eat shit, C-SPAN! Even you! Go away! You don’t have to do this!! I’m going outside!