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Office Hours

What Are the Best Weird Animal Facts?

Let's embrace the wonders of the animal kingdom...together.

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By way of introduction to today’s office hours, I’ll start by saying that I hope you’ve already read Paul’s story today about his raw animal magnetism (ha ha) when it comes to stray dogs. If you haven’t, give it a read – it’s great! You’ll love it!

Now, as you may have noticed, we’re bit obsessed with the animal kingdom here at Discourse Blog; from today’s canine capers to (heads up!) some pieces we’ve got coming on bears and giraffes and — who knows! — maybe some surprise critters thrown in to boot, we’re taking this week to explore the mysteries of this ferkakte planet and the animals we share it with. For instance, did you know that flatworms mate by a process known as “penis jousting,” and that chimpanzees will literally wage war on other tribes? Will the wonders of nature never cease??

This week for Office Hours, I thought I’d make things nice and easy in keeping with this week’s broad theme. All you gotta do is drop your favorite (or least favorite, as the case may be) little Animal factoid in the comments below. Points for weirdness, and obscurity. I’m not talking about something you read in Ranger Rick back when you were in 4th grade. I want the good shit. The freaky-deeky wackadoo underbelly of the animal kingdom. Hit me with the best you’ve got. We’re going feral today. Let’s do it.